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AWS Data Lake Services: An Amazon S3 based Data Lake Solution

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Sunflower Lab has been striding forward with the digital product development capabilities and is confident to deliver AWS Data Lake Implementation for improved security, durability and audit compatibilities. Data analytics and execution with our experts will be a huge advantage for you.

AWS Data Lake Services: An Amazon S3 based Data Lake Solution

Sunflower Lab has been striding forward with the digital product development capabilities and is confident to deliver AWS Data Lake Implementation for improved security, durability and audit compatibilities. Data analytics and execution with our experts will be a huge advantage for you.



With Databricks now acknowledging Sunflower Lab as a recognized consulting partner, the company has accomplished a major milestone. We are devoted to utilizing our cooperation with Databricks to provide outstanding Data Lake services, assist our clients with data optimization, and help them uncover insightful information that will help them succeed in business.

Essential Pillars Of AWS Data Lake

AWS Data Lake is built upon essential pillars which makes the functions and processing as intended. These vital pillars are the collaborated drivers of this Data Lake

Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR is a leading big data cloud solution whose implementation enables you to petabyte-scale data processing, interactive analytics, and machine learning using open-source frameworks like Apache Spark, Apache Hive, and Presto.

AWS Glue

AWS Glue

For analytics, machine learning (ML), and software development, AWS Glue is a serverless data integration service that makes it simpler to find, prepare, move, and combine data from many sources. In AWS Glue, select your preferred data integration engine to support your users' needs and workloads.


Amazon Athena

Using conventional SQL, it is straightforward to analyze data directly in Amazon S3 using Amazon Athena, an interactive query tool. You can choose to pay for Athena depending on the queries you run or compute your queries required. Because Athena is serverless, there is no infrastructure to set up or administer.

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Amazon S3

This object storage service called Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) provides performance, security, and scalability that are unmatched in the market. Any quantity of data can be stored and retrieved using Amazon S3 at any time, from any location.

AWS Lake Formation

AWS Lake Formation

Access to Data Catalogue resources including databases, tables, and columns with underlying data in Amazon S3 can be granted or revoked using AWS Lake Formation's relational database management system (RDBMS) permissions framework.

Data Lake Consulting Services

With our AWS Data Lake Services, obtain full durability and security potential of Data Lake Needs in your business.

Challenges Of AWS Data Lake

When data is kept in diverse formats across several, dispersed locations, organizations frequently have difficulties in accessing and analyzing the information. As organizations get older and mature, this difficulty will only get worse because data is constantly being collected from many sources. Workflow bottlenecks are caused by a lack of streamlined data access since employees frequently need to

To inquire with IT for assistance in order to access this data, companies are compelled to look for a solution that provides a single source of truth and is easily accessible to the employees who need it in order to address these issues. As an on-premises solution, this is frequently expensive to implement and maintain.

Executing The Best Solution

In order to provide a fully functional data lake with data submission, ingest processing, aggregation, analysis, and searching capabilities, the data lake foundation on Amazon Web Services (AWS) interfaces with a number of AWS services. Once your solution is implemented, you can use AWS Big Data Competency Partners to add more consulting services and supplementary technological solutions to it.

Highlights of the solution

1. Created to help users get started with AWS native components for their data lake

2. Deployment that is automated using AWS Quick Start

3. Adapted to integrate with various tools from independent software vendors (ISV) and software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Key Benefits Of AWS Data Lake


Excellent Data Storage

You can stash all of your data from any source and realize its full potential because Amazon S3 expands affordably, nearly without limitation.


Best Tools for development

You can swiftly extract data insights using the right tool for the job, one that is optimized to give you the best performance, scale, and cost for your requirements, with the help of purpose-built AWS analytics services.


Higher Innovation factors

Organizations can speed up innovation by finding new chances for savings or customization thanks to the analysis of all their data. ML and predictive analytics have access to a wider range of data.


Removing Server Management

With AWS Serverless data lake framework, their analytics services are simple to use, administer, and manage and offer the most serverless solutions for data analytics in the cloud.

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Amot - Sales OverView

Advanced Dashboard development for efficient business operations

Request demo icon Case study – AMOT – Manufacturing Company

AMOT is a multinational manufacturer, information regarding sales performance, client order trends, and booking status is necessary to the operation of the company. Since they were in need for this particular solution, Sunflower Lab collaborated to develop an intuitive dashboard that would synchronize with the most recent sales data and guiding them with data analytics

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Data Solution for Corrugated Pipes Manufacturer and Storm Chambers Provider

They needed a solution for improving data management and thus we used Synapse Analytics to create pipeline to move data from on premise data server to data lake on schedule basis and then adopt that data in power BI report

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Request demo icon Case Study - PCP Company, LLC

Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company, LLC

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By choosing our AWS Data Lake Services, our team of experts brings you an unparalleled depth of knowledge, experience, and technical expertise

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Comprehensive solution design and architecture

DevOps and Continuous Integration/Deployment

End-to-end data lake implementation

API Development and Integration

Integration with your existing systems

Increased Productivity 

Performance optimization and scalability

Ongoing support and maintenance

Bring the Innovation of AWS Data Lake to your business needs! Let our Data Lake experts assist you to make a powerful and profitable impact on your business.

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Give investors their valuable time back by automating processes by using our AWS data lake services.

Even with the use of usual software, finding, changing, and resubmitting several documents still requires manual workforce. We offer banking industry-specific semantic data services to tackle this issue. Other advantages are:

Turn over business resources back to you

Improve data visibility

Request demo icon USE CASE -  Finance and Banking 

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Give stakeholders their time back by automating processes, streamlining audits by implementing data lake services.
Extract valuable insights and knowledge from your data.

Extract essential data and details from your vast database.

Request demo icon USE CASE - Life Science

Your Scientific organization could substantially decrease the amount of time spent doing research by combining data-driven solutions like semantic search and metadata management. Some advantages include:

Obtain complete image of scientific data

Bring Products to consumers quicker

Transform raw data to usable ones

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Digitalize patient responses, optimize resources and increase compatibility with AWS data lake solutions.

Our AWS data lake analytical solutions give you detailed insights into your medical facility’s data, enabling you to make coherent decisions that will help patients as well as your company. Other factors include:

Automate tedious tasks

Achieve easy compliance with our HIPAA-compliant analytics solutions

Request demo icon USE CASE - Healthcare

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Improve patient outcomes, optimize resources and increase compliance with data lake solution
Improve patient outcomes, optimize resources and increase compliance with data lake solution

Upgrading Data Management for Real Estate Companies

Request demo icon USE CASE - Real Estate

Enhancing the existing Apache Spark software system with Apache Kafka would improve the productivity of property market analysts’ work and result in significant cost savings associated with data handling.

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Our Data Lake Tool Stack

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Microsoft SQL Server
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Apache Hive
R Programming
R Programming
Apache Spark
Apache Spark
Delta Lake
Delta Lake
Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Factory
Power BI
Power BI
Cloud Platforms and Hosting 
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

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The approach for centralizing, organizing, and storing large amounts of data in the cloud can be implemented with AWS data lake. AWS serverless data lake framework’s architecture might vary, but they all rely on Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) as a storage foundation because of its superior cost-effectiveness and unrestricted growth.

AWS data lake can store data indefinitely for present or future usage and contains all of the organization’s data in a raw, unstructured form. Structured data that has been cleaned up and processed and is ready for strategic analysis based on predetermined business needs will make up a data warehouse.

Businesses can lower their expenses for data processing and storage by using a variety of cost optimization capabilities offered by AWS Data Lake, like data lifecycle management and data compression. Because of this, AWS Data Lake is a viable and economical option for companies of all sizes.

You can store relational data, semi-structured data (like JSON, XML, and CSV files), unstructured data (like photos or media files), and structured data (like relational data). Amazon S3 is the ideal storage option for your cloud data lake because of this capability.

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