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Customized ERP Platform

Managing timesheets for technicians at BOBST

Timesheet Management
Seamless management of timesheets

BOBST is one of the world’s leading suppliers of equipment and services to packaging and label manufacturers in the folding carton, corrugated board, and flexible materials industries. BOBST’s team wanted to automate the process of timesheet management for their technicians.

The BOBST team observed that filling out timesheets and submitting them was a tedious and time-consuming process for their technicians who have to work at various client locations. So, they wanted to make their technicians’ lives easier by providing an app which allowed them to fill in the work hours, travel costs, any leave taken, and additional work hours into the timesheet effortlessly.

Management Of Timesheets

Founded in 1890 by Joseph Bobst in Lausanne, Switzerland, BOBST has a presence in more than 50 countries

Easy To Fill In The Timesheets
It's Now Easy to Fill Out Timesheets

With the introduction of an iOS app and automation processes, BOBST technicians working at various locations are able to fill out the timesheets effortlessly. They will now be able to input their work hours, travel time and costs, days on leave, or additional work hours easily from the app on their mobile phones.

The technicians will no longer need to report physically to the office to submit their timesheets. This automation saves a lot of time and has made the timesheet submission a much simpler task.

BOBST has production facilities on three continents and a sales and services network with facilities in more than fifty individual countries. This worldwide coverage is one of the key factors behind BOBST’s position of leadership in its industry

Seamlessly Input the Data From Anywhere Across U.S. and Canada

The technicians can now input the data for their timesheets comprehensively at one time or when they complete their jobs on a weekly basis. They can create an Orientation List, or view their work order list, or fill in the data of Ideal work order from any of the client locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Data From Anywhere Across USA & Canada

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