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Digital Platform for Athletes Takes Recruitment to a New Level


By creating an elegant mobile app for iOS and Android, Press Sports is revolutionizing how athletes showcase their skills and transforming how they communicate with coaches and fans.

From an initial base of ten users, the Press Sports app has grown exponentially and is now used by thousands of coaches and fans around the world. By empowering athletes to showcase their skills and talents to coaches and fans without the fear of stigma, Press Sports is helping turn dreams of a collegiate athletic career into reality.

The Challenge

Here’s how we helped Press Sports achieve their goals.

Press Sports noticed that young athletes faced a number of obstacles when it came to navigating the high school and college recruitment maze. They didn’t know where to start, the process was terribly disorganized, and there was no easy way to communicate with coaches.

For coaches, trying to attract high-quality athletes was equally frustrating: The typical screening process is inefficient and many schools don’t have a big budget for finding and attracting quality candidates to their programs.

A New Custom Digital Platform

Sunflower Lab worked with Press Sports to create a new digital platform that brings together the best elements of social media video sharing with the best practices of high school and college sports recruitment. The Press Sports app is the first free sports video app where athletes, coaches, fans, and parents connect to view and share sports highlights. This platform is designed so that athletes can build a fanbase of people who want to see their sports highlights throughout their career.

The platform enables them to post highlights from multiple sports, upload their academic resume/transcripts, and contact information for college coaches to access. Coaches can use the Press Sports app to keep an eye on prospects, access their transcripts, and see footage of a prospect in multiple sports. Fans and parents can also follow their favorite athletes and coaches and join the camaraderie of a vibrant athletic community.

Native iOS and Android Apps

Built on Java and Angular as a native app for iOS and Android, Press Sports boasts all the features of a robust social media platform but with a high-quality video sharing component as well. We created a custom solution for uploading and sharing videos that offers fast uploads, compression, and the ability to be readily and seamlessly shared.

Paid Subscriptions

The Press Sports application is free to all athletes and coaches, though more advanced features such as transcript checks are part of the paid version.

Another feature that makes the Press Sports app unique is the “Hype Zone” button on the home feed. Built with a specially-designed algorithm, the HZ button brings users to the top trending page based on the highest number of shares for that day.

4.9 Rating, 150+ Reviews—It’s Loved Everywhere

Sunflower Lab has created an elegant native mobile app for Press Sports that brings together the best features of social media and sports recruiting. Press Sports boasts a 4.9 rating in the iOS App Store based on 150+ reviews. It just goes to show that users love this platform. Take it from Grant Haley—New York Giants Cornerback:

“Huge potential to upload sports highlights every day to your fans for them to comment, like, or hype the video. Very cool app if you play sports or are a fan of sports, would have been great to have this in High School.”

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