Olah Healthcare Technology built a revolutionary, new native-cloud platform that takes advantage of cloud computing, computer virtualization, and artificial intelligence (AI) to address the problems associated with archiving legacy systems. Olah EAS™ vastly reduces the time, cost, and disruption of archiving legacy computer systems so that your IT archiving budget goes farther, and your archives are completed in weeks – not months.

Sunflower Fuels OLAH Capability and Growth

Our technical team is a great extension of the OLAH Core team. Our team working with many OLAH projects in archiving solution business. Our team members are involved in complex data migration and building custom reporting solutions. Our team analyzes databases and builds reverse engineering and creates similar reports using a new framework. Our team engages in data extract, load, transfer and manage phases.

Key Features

  • Direct access from EHR (Electronic Health Records)
  • Multi-System Patient Search
  • Direct SQL Query & Report Builder
  • Secured private AWS Cloud
  • Single Sign-On with OAuth 2.0

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