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Real-time Complaint Resolution

Resolved X

Being in the service business means one thing. Communications!

Do you have any clue which issues are hurting your bottom line or what is your potential failure.  Something as simplistic as a dirty bathroom to a salesperson being obnoxiously rude to a potential customer.  Complaints! They will happen and how you handle them will dictate your company’s future. So, what could be the Solution for it

Resolved X - Corporate Communication Tool 

ResolvedX is the missing link between your company, employees, and your customer base. Being in the service business means one thing. ResolvedX gives you and the customer the ability to create and track complaints in real time. This is a game-changing application that will put you in control of your business’s future. With ResolvedX, even predict your future for yourself. All in real-time.

ResolvedX helps you grow your customer base while maintaining the one you already have. ResolvedX is a Real-time complaint tracking system consisting of GPS check-ins, custom Internal Inspections, and their reports, and Custom External Surveys to make a better decision by knowing your customer’s point of view, audio/video, and image tagging functionality all at the tip of your fingers. 

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Impact of ResolvedX

  • Get real time progress of task, eliminating manual process & it’s hurdles of status and progress updates
  • Increased customer satisfaction by resolving and informing concerns in real-time
  • Performed Inspections ensuring its trustworthiness
  • Plan & perform GPS validated custom inspections to ensuring trustworthiness and to get employee monthly reports in short time.
  • Prepare and get custom survey report insights to make better future decisions optimizing path of growth.
  • Remove barrier between company, employee & customer base by providing easy access to outside users to raise cleaning concerns
  • Get comparative analysis of identical survey for different locations to know end users' side.

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