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Transforming Healthcare Administration & IONM through Digital Solutions

ZinniaX realized that patient care was only one facet of the mobile healthcare industry. Medical staff were hindered by extensive data, patient information, and the need to update healthcare records. Partnering with Sunflower Lab they created ZinniaX IONM that can assist in the management of the entire IONM lifecycle.

This means, more control for doctors and hospital staff as the administrative burden of scheduling appointments, updating, and maintaining medical health records, and storing patient consent documents and signatures is effectively automated through the application which is HIPAA compliant as well!


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– HIPAA and Security

– AWS Infrastructure

– Consulting Maintainance

Transforming Healthcare Administration & IONM through Digital Solutions


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Protecting the Integrity, Confidentiality & Availability of e-PHI

Being a HIPAA-compliant SaaS platform, ZinniaX IONM automates the process and storage of electronic medical records (EMR) while at the same time being secure. Patient health information is easily accessible to healthcare providers but at the same time, it is compliant with the privacy and security requirements. Thus, healthcare providers can make decisions based on the patient’s complete health record which in turn would lead to better treatment and a more favorable outcome for the patient.

Faster Case Scheduling for Better Patient Care

Automated scheduling and data capture through OCR decreases the time taken by hospital staff in uploading new patient records and schedule appointments. Being able to extract information instead of inputting it not only saves time but also eliminates the chances of errors that creep in while copying. All the medical practitioner needs to focus on is the patient’s schedule and being there in time to provide the needed treatment.

Reduce Medication Errors by 80% with Electronic Documentation

Instead of the need to carry forms, print, and then store the same, documents can be simply scanned, uploaded to the patient’s records, and signed by the patient. The healthcare professional need not carry around extra like patient files or documentation when it can simply be looked up, scanned, or uploaded. This ensures the patient has better care as well because there is less chance of documents being accientally detroyed or misplaced. Thus, patient treatment data is more secure. Overall this Reduce paperwork by 80% & increase appointment efficiency by 20%

Business Analytics

Dashboards provide a variety of data in a snapshot view. Not only do they make this data easier to access but also easier to stay on par with. Through proper business analytics, the overall productivity can be tracked which would provide a good idea about the patient satisfcaction ratio and the revenue that can be expected. Furthermore, knowing about insurance claim settlement ratio, billing data, reports, and appointments makes it easier to plan staff requirement accordingly so that there isn’t a shortage during an emergency. This would ensure that patients get the care and attentiion taht they deserve while healthcare professionals make the best use of their time.

Removing the Need for Manual Entries & Storage by Process Automation

Through process automation medical staff can focus on the person who actually matters – the patient – instead of treatment being stalled by administrative factors like RVUs or patient letters etc. Appointment reminders, lab results, and other important information that needs to be shared to the patient can be quickly communicated with minimal errors.

Cross-Platform Desktop Real Time Communication with Team Members

Collaboration with team members can be easily done through ZinniaX’s ChatHub. This is ideal for secure knowledge transfer when dealing with sensitive health data of patients. Due to case knowledge sharing these is an increase in staff productivity and effectiveness that has the indirect advantage of maximizing revenue through both patient as well as employee satisfaction.

Better Productivity Equals Better Patient Outcomes with Automation, AI & ML

ZinniaX IONM empowers medical staff through its comprehensive management system. With the assistance of automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, the entire administrative lifecycle of intra-operative neurological monitoring is taken care of. Through simple feature-laden dashboards, healthcare professionals can stay on top of scheduling, surgery billing closing (including RVUs), analytics reports, cases, and team collaboration chatbots.
Furthermore, being web and mobile-based, it can be run on the go on a mobile device or tablet as well as on desktop computers or laptops. Thus, ZinniaX IONM is a comprehensive application that is HIPAA-compliant as well as a complete solution for all claim management, patient history, and EMR-related documentation, data storage, and accessibility.

Gene Boucher

“Although Sunflower Lab is still working on the project, they establish a coherent roadmap for the engagement. The team maintains a strong understanding of the business, which allows them to create effective solutions. Their ability to understand our business and offer efficient solutions impress us.“

Gene boucher

Director of Growth & Strategy

Have a healthcare product or innovation in mind but unsure how to turn it into a digital product? Let our team of experts hear your thoughts, we love hearing good ideas.

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