Should you build Native or hybrid mobile application_

Should you build Native or hybrid mobile application?

Native applications are device or platform specific as opposed to the hybrid app development as it is a mixture of both native app and web app which is not built for a particular device but is made available through the internet for everyone.

Support and Maintenance team for my application

Do I need Support and Maintenance team for my application?

The umbrella of the support and maintenance team is a very necessary accessory after the custom software development that has taken place. Support and maintenance plan is like insurance, taking care of the software that is running in the nearby devices.

How much will building a software cost

Why Estimating Accurate Cost For Custom Software Development is Difficult?

The question is that of how custom software is something that one creates from the ground level and not much like buying a computer which is a basic product. So this is project compared with the product, is where the answer is that the customizations that one wants in the software will ultimately balance is cost.

What is the cost of building custom software

What Is The Cost Of Building Custom Software?

Even if one just puts the requirements on the table and asks for the tally of the total, it is extremely difficult to put a finger on the exact amount that it will take to develop. If your implementation approach and detail changes, that will impact your cost and timeline. Making user-centric design take more time than just a design.

IoT for Manufacturing

What is IoT For Manufacturing? How Can It Be Leveraged For Manufacturing?

IoT is trending. A lot of small and medium scale manufacturers want to know how to leverage IoT for their manufacturing facilities. But they want to know if the investment is worth it and if they should invest or not.

What do we do at Sunflower Lab

What Do We Do at Sunflower Lab? We Can Help You Grow Your Business

We at Sunflower Lab are into building robust & customized mobile and web applications, AR, VR etc. We also provide IIoT solutions. Now what’s IIoT? Well check out our video to know more about IoT & IIoT.

Manual Software Deployment

Signs of Anti-Patterns During Manual Software Deployment

Various organizations still use manual deployment process. So there will be visible signs of anti-pattern. Anti-patterns can mean troubles in the long run. Let’s identify some of the signs of anti-patterns. Check out our Chalktalk video to know the signs of anti-patterns.

Defining MVP

Defining MVP. When do you call a product as MVP?

Defining the MVP for a client is not easy. But it’s not that hard either. What should be the time frame for creating the MVP? MVP is helpful in the planning phase. You can develop any product or apps or websites using MVP.

Advantages of video conferencing

Benefits of video conferencing and why we use it at Sunflower Lab

Watch our chalktalk video about video conferencing and how important it is for our business. Where do we use it and why is it useful? How important video conferencing is for client interaction and team interaction.

Ronal Patel

The Importance of Project Management Triangle in Project Management

How important is a project management triangle or Iron triangle for a business? What are its important components? How will this triangle impact the strategies for start-ups? What is the most important c component involved? Watch our chaltalk video to know more.