If you’re part of a startup company—or in the process of founding one—this podcast is a must-listen. I’ve spent the last ten years helping startups build products to launch their companies.

And as you guessed it, startups are hard. I talk about startup uncertainty in this B2B Growth Show Podcast with host Nikki Ivey. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Listen to the podcast below, and for those that like to cheat a bit and browse ahead, check out our show notes.

Show Notes:

  • 4:06 — Everything starts with an idea. The startup will grow from there.
  • 4:30 — There is not a startup that will know everything.
  • 4:43 — Get comfortable in uncomfortable situations to help in overcoming uncertainty. 
  • 5:31 — Find the differences. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon and do the same thing. Think deeper and figure out who you are. Don’t try to sell everyone. Be precise with who will be your target audience. 
  • 6:30 — Focus on high impact work items. Focusing on the wrong work items will not lead you to the next step. Focus on what will help the needle move. 
  • 7:32 — Execution is the key.
  • 8:05 — Put the right people in the right places. Determine people’s strengths and delegate. 
  • 9:04 — You can not plan for everything in the future. Plan and adjust.
  • 13:05 — Delegating work and what that looks like.
  • 15:01 — Hire great people and trust them. Don’t hire great people and then constantly tell them what to do. 
  • 17:21 — Diversification is key. Only doing one thing doesn’t solve the business problem. 
  • 20:58 — Build a solution, not just software. 

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