How To Choose The Right IT Software Company For Your Startup

Doing business these days is nearly impossible without some type of software. When customized to a company’s unique needs, these products help keep teams productive and organized. But without investors pouring in money or ample resources, obtaining a software solution can be a heavy lift for startups. It all starts with choosing the right IT software company. That may seem like the easiest part, but don’t be fooled! This initial step can make or break your startup’s future. Having a precise plan of action to secure the best development team. So, we’ve put together a list of questions you should ask yourself—and your potential partner—in order to choose the right IT software development company for your startup.

Blueprint Phase: What are your goals? 

Before starting your research, it’s good to have a list of well-defined business goals. What problem do you want to solve? What are you trying to achieve? Maybe you want to stay in closer contact with your customers, or net a new batch of consumers. Perhaps you align with most business owners and have a  desire to increase revenue. No matter what your goals are, you must determine if they can be achieved through an IT software company. To better understand how startups can benefit from custom software development, check out this article

After completing this exercise, you may find that implementing a CRM system like Salesforce or HubSpot is the solution to your small business problem. Or maybe a new hire can help you reach your goal of more sales. But, if you determine that custom software is the best or only way to accomplish your objective, then you are one step closer to choosing the right IT software company for your startup.

Vetting Phase: Have you shopped around? 

There’s a reason “first time’s a charm” isn’t a saying (or at least a popular one). It’s unlikely that you’ll find the perfect fit right from the jump of your journey. Block out plenty of time in your schedule to research several IT software company candidates. Perform initial Google searches using keywords like, “IT software company near me,” or “custom software development company for small businesses.” Then, surf company websites for more information. Do they have customer reviews? Have they been recognized for any awards? Do they display beautiful work samples? These are all questions you can answer before even reaching out.

At this point, you’ll always want to get some of your burning questions answered. Make the tumultuous task of information gathering less tedious by utilizing website chatbots if applicable (bonus points to companies that employ these technological helpers, here’s why). Keep your initial inquiry brief, and collect as much info up front as possible. Naturally, the strongest companies will begin to rise to the top, impressing you with their communication and professionalism. But it’s not time to settle just yet!

Critiquing Phase: Is the company experienced in startups? 

Now that you’re in talks with a handful of promising IT software companies, it’s important to start really critiquing them. What you’re really looking for is a tailored, trusted experience that has been proven to work. And as a small business, you can’t truly know that unless they’ve worked with other small businesses. Check their work portfolio and search for startup projects. Ask your contact for a reference so you reach out to a former client.


Discover + Design Phase: Can they give you what you want—and only what you want?

At this point, you’re likely leaning towards one or two standout partners. These companies are working to dazzle you with their pitches, and impress you with the bells and whistles they have to offer. But as a small business, do you really need all the trappings? And, more importantly, can you even afford them? You’ve identified your business goals and need to stick to a certain budget. Finding an IT software company that is willing to build you a solution to solve your problems—and only your problems—will be key to success.

However, there are a number of software fundamentals that your chosen partner needs to deliver on: 

  • Cross-Platform Capabilities: Maybe you’re a Mac/iOS company. Or perhaps a PC/Android company. You could even be a PC/Android company that switches to a Mac/iOS company! No matter your technological carrier, your product has to be suitable with your systems. 
  • Speed: The objective of hiring an IT software company is to solve your issue, not create a new one! A slow product will cause headaches and unproductiveness. Speed should be a guarantee.
  • Security: It almost goes without saying, but embedding the most robust security in your software solution is imperative. With identity theft and security breaches at an all-time high, your product can’t perform to its potential if you’re constantly battling systematic vulnerability. Don’t put your hard-earned business in a position to be compromised by not investing in top-notch security.

Long-Term Phase: What sorts of services, beyond the product, does the vendor provide?

A powerful, well-suited product is only part of the challenge when choosing an IT Software company. Your relationship with the vendor shouldn’t stop once the sale is made. The right partner will transcend the discovery, designing, development, and delivery phases to offer you a broader spectrum of services. Check out their customer reviews on Google and Clutch. Are they favorable? Do they have a positive reputation? These questions could make or break your final IT software company choice. Then there’s the issue of continued IT support. As a small business, it’s unlikely you’ve got a coding guru on your team. Therefore, it’s important to lock in the services of the IT software company for regular maintenance beyond deployment.

Starting Your IT Software Company Journey

So, there you have it! Armed with this handy list of questions, you’ll ace your IT software company journey. Next thing you know, your startup will be operating better, faster, and stronger than ever! But, if you’re still unsure of how to proceed with a software solution, we’re always here to help. 

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