Let’s be honest: robots are one day going to overthrow humans. Seriously, they don’t even think we’re capable of menial tasks like explaining Google Chat. Just look at the suggested replies on this conversation: 

Maybe you want to fight the good fight and hold out with your human customer service team. Or, you can wave your little white surrender flag and turn the department over to the professionals: chatbots.

It’s time to add that bouncing thought bubble icon to the corner of your website, here’s why:

Artificial Intelligence never has a bad day

Ever catch a Starbucks barista on a bad day? Not fun. But, we’ve all been there because we’re all human. With a living, breathing being on the other end of the line or keyboard in customer service departments, there’s always the possibility of patience wearing thin, distractions from personal issues, and misunderstood tones (a combination of all three is fertile ground for a complete customer service tsunami). Luckily for chatbots, they’re not human at all. A well-designed bot can detect the syntax, semantics, and discourse of a question or concern, and reply in a professional and personal matter without any emotions at all. Ah.. to be a robot.

Chatbots are workaholics

People have alarmingly-short attention spans. And when they’re completing a task they never wanted to do in the first place, say, talking to a customer service specialist, you can whack that span in half. The average wait time for customers to receive a chat response before abandoning is 45 seconds. You’d have to have your service center staffed to the gills to have that kind of response time—who has capital for that? Chatbots can provide immediate responses to customer questions 24/7, meaning more satisfied customers, meaning more money for your business.

Chatbots do the jobs humans don’t want to do (surveys)

Conducting surveys may be the most mundane professional tasks, but it’s important to improving business function and public perception. So unless you really hate your employees, it’s time you find someone else—or something else—to do it. Bots can administer engaging, brief, and successful survey questions in real-time during conversations with customers, and automatically store responses. Badda bing, badda boom. Plus, customers prefer surveys from a chatbot because they’re quicker and easier to complete than traditional ones. See how easy it is to obtain valuable customer feedback without exploiting your human employees?

Maybe you’re born with it, but it’s likely artificial intelligence.

Sorry to have to be the ones to tell you this, but robots are smarter, faster, and stronger than us. Humans buckle under the pressure of a mountainous backlog of customer queries. People can’t work nonstop 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mortal beings are far too fussy to gather information from customers. You know who can do all those + never take a sick day? Sunflower Lab’s little friends named chatbots. Team up with us to crush your competition and take your customer service department to the next level.

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