Imagine being able to see virtual 3D menu items on your table before you even order. Goodbye order envy, hello augmented reality apps for fast food! These technological advancements are revolutionizing the fast food industry. Developers are now able to give diners an experience that includes realistic images of menu items, along with ingredient details prior to placing their order. The implications range from happier customers, to increased marketing potential, to stress-free international travel! 

How AR Apps For Fast Food Work

Augmented Reality apps combine the digital world with the real world to give users a one-of-a-kind experience. One popular AR app that has taken the market by storm is KabaQ. KabaQ is a native AR app that creates virtual 3D images of dishes so that visitors can learn how a particular menu item looks in-restaurant and when ordering online. Users first download the app, then point and scan the menu to see 3D food models. Diners can then interact with the food by tapping the screen and rotating the augmented reality dish to see all sides and angles. Learn more about augmented reality here

Order Confidently with AR Apps for Fast Food

AR apps for fast food are capable of displaying realistic, 3D images of dishes. They also provide the ingredient details of each item. With both visual and textual information, customers are equipped to make an informed decision. Thus, diners are likely to be more satisfied with their choice. This will result in a better experience overall, and increase the chances of customers returning. The complex food preview from AR apps gives people the power to order confidently. In turn, restaurants can rest assured they are providing their customers with an interactive and enjoyable experience. 

Informed Menu Making

By using AR apps for fast food, restaurant owners can collect game-changing information on their clientele and each customer specifically. The app technology allows restaurants to gather data on which items are selling the most (If McDonald’s used an AR app for fast food, they’d know to keep the McRib around!). Additionally AR apps for fast food can store previous order information for each customer. All customers will have to do is channel their “I’ll have my regular” for quick and easy service!

Marketing Apps for Fast Food

Billboards have become a thing of the past for marketing since the introduction of AR apps for fast food. Take Domino’s Pizza for example. The pizza giant recently ran a mobile campaign that let Snapchat users order food directly from the app. Users could experience pizzas in augmented reality while also snapping pictures with Domino’s-branded lenses. Not only can hungry people order food, but the cool new augmented reality features make for perfect social media posts—win-win as far as marketing is concerned. 

International Implications of AR restaurant apps

Traveling can be one of life’s greatest wonders. Enjoying worldly cuisines is no doubt a highlight of exploration. But language barriers can turn an enjoyable experience into a nightmare of miscommunication. Not with AR apps! Physical menus are digitized so customers can see realistic versions of the menu items. They offer written descriptions in preferred languages, too. Together, travelers can become familiar with ingredients and dishes they’ve never seen before without the struggle of translating. 

Employee Training

AR apps for fast food can save restaurants time and money when on-boarding new staff members. Service industry employees undergo a rigorous training program. With learning materials, leadership costs, and menu sampling, training can be a hefty bill for restaurants. With AR apps, management can upload training materials straight to the app to cut back on printing costs. Seeing the menu items in augmented reality also gives servers, cooks, and chefs a chance to learn about the food without actually trying it. This saves the restaurant money on rolling out complimentary food to trainees. 

3D Food And You

Augmented reality is one of the hottest trends in technology right now. Sunflower Lab has even jumped on the bandwagon! Our talented designers challenged themselves to architect an AR app for fast food. This app displays beautiful 3D images of food that users can interact with, along with ingredient details.

AR is just one form of technology Sunflower Lab is utilizing to make your life easier. Sunflower Lab equips your business with AR, VR, and various trending technologies in one place. Our mission is to produce solutions that creates a better tomorrow for your business. We’d love to hear what you are working on. Drop us a line today.

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