We live in an era where if a company takes too long to embrace new technologies, it’ll have to shut down its business. Why do we think of something like this? Because in this era, technological evolution is a must and if a company isn’t embracing new technologies, it will die a slow but definite death. And, no company or its promoters or employees would want this. Going out of business is the most dreaded thing for any owner or promoter of a company. Hence, it is advisable that companies should keep their systems upgraded and keep on embracing new and upcoming technologies with changing times.

With technological changes in this fast-paced world, several technologies are being developed. Augmented reality is one of them. With a lot of augmented reality apps, a lot is being done and the companies are now able to improve themselves in various aspects of their business. From the way the companies do business, to business processes to dealing with customers, AR has helped change a lot of things for various businesses like manufacturing, healthcare, education, automotive industries, retail (which includes FMCG & fashion industries) etc. Let’s see how Augmented Reality app development and various Augmented Reality apps have helped various types of industries bring a drastic change in their business dynamics.

1. Manufacturing

A single error can cost the manufacturing unit a hundreds or thousands of dollars. So, the company either needs to improve the existing product and process, or even if they need to invent a completely new product to meet the needs of its customers. However, Augmented Reality can save the day. Augmented reality apps can help in various tasks like 3D prototyping so that helps the company understand the product with the help of its prototype. While prototyping helps in saving upon unwanted expenses, it also helps the team in making efficient decisions and implementing such decisions effectively. Augmented Reality is used in assembling various complex parts, for repairs & maintenance, in visualizing various machine parts etc.

2. Education

Various iOS & Android Augmented Reality apps are being used in the education sector to teach students in various fields of study. Augmented reality apps have revolutionized the way students are learning. Students learning about medical science might use an AR headset to learn the anatomy of the human body in detail or an astronomy student may be able to see a full map of the solar system. Augmented Reality apps are also used by students studying music. Using the Augmented Reality apps or headset, the students might be able to see musical notes in real time while learning to play an instrument.

3. Healthcare

Augmented reality app development is taking place swiftly in the health care sector also. A lot of augmented reality health & fitness apps are being developed which is changing the way the healthcare professionals see and use the technology in this sector. From aiding the medical professionals in completing their day-to-day tasks more accurately and efficiently or assisting the doctors in diagnosis or surgery, Augmented Reality has a lot of uses. Some Augmented Reality apps are those which can help locate veins in patients when a blood sample needs to be drawn from such patients. Augmented reality apps are also being used by doctors & healthcare institutions in empowering their patients. Some apps have been developed wherein the patients can self-diagnose minor ailments so that these patients can visit their doctors immediately.

Augmented Reality App Development in Healthcare

4. Logistics & Transportation

When it comes to cost saving in logistics & transportation, the business owners will be more than happy to save costs or erroneous dispatches and deliveries or returns. With the help of Augmented Reality apps, various tasks like warehousing, transportation or route-optimization can be efficiently carried out while saving upon some costs as well. Smart AR glasses are available which can be used in huge warehouses. The lenses of these augmented reality glasses will display the shortest route to a product stacked within the warehouse and will help the workers in efficiently locating the product for shipping. Augmented reality also helps in route-optimization which helps increase the efficiency of drivers and help them make product deliveries on-time & efficiently.


Augmented Reality App Development in Logistics

5. Travel & Tourism

Augmented reality apps can provide travelers with an immersive experience even before they travel. It’s like superimposing the images around the travelers to show them the destinations they plan to visit with the help of Augmented Reality apps. It seems like with the help of augmented reality headsets, travelers can look at their favorite destinations and then choose the destination. Augmented reality is going to change the way tourism industry works.

In a similar way, the travelers with the help of augmented reality apps can view their rooms & accommodation, other details viz. surroundings, prices, distance etc. before deciding or choosing a hotel for their stay. There are interactive hotels which use augmented reality apps & provide 3D animations and interactive flyers to attract customers because today no one would like to look at a boring brochure or a flyer.

To conclude, we can say except the above-mentioned industries or sectors there are also various other sectors viz. home decor, civil construction, retail stores, fashion, FMCG, automobile, military etc. which are making an intensive use of augmented reality. There are various advantages of augmented reality apps and augmented reality app development. Hence, those businesses who are still procrastinating as to what should be done should start investing in developing augmented reality apps to bring a competitive edge to their businesses. They need to understand that, augmented reality will not only benefit their business but also their customers, which in turn is going to be more beneficial in retaining their customers and bringing in new business.

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