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As 2023 marks its closure, we had an exciting year where we learned, expanded, grew, and took away a lot of memorable moments. We had quite a few highlights that made us look at 2024 with open hearts and visions. We are delighted to share the highlights of the year with you and make you an inevitable part of our journey. Without much ado, let’s dive in.

New Development Center in India

Office inauguration

Sunflower Lab has recently expanded its reach by opening a new office in Vadodara (Gujarat, India). The focus was to launch an aesthetic place where the workforce could have a collaborative environment after resuming from the COVID-19 breakout. This marks a total of 3 office spaces globally.

We believe in fair opportunity through unbiased gender inclusion in our hiring process. We encourage each department and team member to grow and expand their knowledge base in terms of technologies by exposing them to certifications that fit their role and place them to enhance their skills.

Embracing State-of-the-art Technologies

We are enthralled with the pace of how technology has evolved recently and studied and honed ourselves to stay abreast with the growing market demands. Our team has grown from providing services for Digital Products to Data and AI & RPA. The clients are delighted by our exceptional services, work ethics, turnaround time, and willingness to go the extra mile for project success.

Spectrum of Industries

We have served 30+ industries till now. However, 2023 was a highlight for us when we had a chance to dominate our services in Manufacturing, Healthcare (with HIPPA compliance), Retail, Transportation, Education, e-Commerce, Restaurant, and other industries.

Suite of Cutting-Edge Technologies

Our services were prominent in AI/ML solutions, Microsoft Power Platform, Azure Lake and Databricks, Power BI, Process Automation, and others.

Esteemed Awards


Together, we crush boring tasks with UiPath’s robot helpers, freeing up your people to unleash their magic. We enable smoother, faster service, and lesser mistakes with more time to chase new ideas.


This partnership is the ticket to a digital rocket ship, fueled by our expertise and the boundless tech capability of Azure, Power Platform, and Microsoft 365. It unleashes our seamless collaboration unbound by distance or device, thanks to Azure’s cloud agility.

Sunflower Lab has entered into a strategic partnership with Databricks, the leader in the Lakehouse platform. This collaboration unites our expertise with Databricks’ unparalleled data platform, creating a unified ecosystem for seamless data ingestion, advanced analytics, and AI-powered insights. By unlocking the true potential of the Lakehouse architecture, we empower organizations to harness their data and fuel intelligent decision-making, innovation, and operational excellence with multiple certified Databricks engineers.

Milestones passed 2023


Improve Automation of Quotation Process In Emails

Don’t miss a single inquiry! Combine the evergreen technologies of AI/ML and RPA for Intelligent Quotation Automation. Instantly extract data from any source – emails, calls, or posts – and automate your quoting process with unmatched efficiency. Read more on how we made it possible.

Patients Appointment Scheduling with RPA

For healthcare professionals it becomes difficult to manage appointment scheduling or account payable manually. The solution to this problem is Robotic Process Automation, which automates all the repetitive tasks allowing healthcare providers to attend to more patients, achieve cost-cutting solutions, and allocate the resources properly, all while ensuring HIPPA’s regulatory compliances. Read more.

Our Vision 2024

Data & AI

In 2024, we expect data and analytics to become even more pervasive and transformative. AI will empower on all levels via Generative AI & LLMs and NLPs to extract insights from vast, diverse datasets. Overall, 2024 promises a data-driven future where insights ignite innovation, reshape industries, and guide us toward a more intelligent and sustainable world via our Data Lake  and Delta Lake undertakings.

Process Automation

2024 paints a vibrant picture for RPA, where it transcends mere automation to becoming omnipresent. As RPA normalizes automation, we anticipate widespread adoption across PowerApps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Assistant. We are ready for a future where bots and humans work side-by-side, unlocking unprecedented efficiency and driving innovation in every corner.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

“What won us over was SFL’s understanding of the scoping and then really trying to understand our idea with what we’re trying to accomplish because since we don’t have a budget, it’s hard for us to just go in and say hey here’s everything that we want to do and let’s just do it. What helped me was that the Sunflower Lab team understood that, and they were really on board with trying to help us get down that road map and trying to make sure that we could segment things into multiple phases.”– Cote Watson, ERP Supervisor, Modular Assembly Innovations

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