Streamlining Order
Proposal & Approval
Process with One App

Storopack is an international customized packaging specialist that approached Sunflower Lab for a digital solution. It needed to manage its upcoming packaging material requirements and standardize its proposal and approval process for its sales team. Through CAPEX and real-time dashboards, our digital specialists were able to create an application that automated a process that was previously managed through a cumbersome excel sheet-based process. With the power of automation, Storopack can now process orders faster, keep track on the same while also ensuring unbeatable accuracy, all through one app!


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– My SQL Database


Automated Proposal Generation for Faster Deal Closure


Quotations need to be accurate and sent to prospective customers on time. Through automation in generation of bill of materials and proposals it is possible to contact clients faster consequently get finalizations faster too.

CAPEX Calculation for Quick Deal Closure


Instead of continuing with the same time consuming excel model for calculations and final proposal generation, our team of experts have created a single app that can take care of all these features – functionality merged with convenience.

Automated Master Data Management


Master data management needs to be real-time and up to date. Our experts have created a dashboard that provides all business intelligence data as per the user’s access level. Thus, master data will be updated at all places simultaneously.

Track Changes as they Happen through Audit Trail


With multiple users it gets difficult to know who made changes and when, however, through audit trail logs there is accountability assigned to changes. Thus, the data entered is secure & any changes made will be reflected.

Operations Based
on Real-time
Data Management

Automated proposal generation with the benefits of CAPEX calculations are essential for managing multiple orders with accuracy. Through real-time master data management, it is possible to make additions to inventory with ease while the audit trail feature ensures there is accountability with any changes made to the system. Together these features increase the operational efficiency, cutting down the time to final billing & at the same time increasing customer satisfaction through a job well but timely done.

User management with different levels of access

To create a more streamlined approval process there is user management with different levels of access like dashboards synchronized for admin, salesperson, regional sales manager and vice president access. The user management is bifurcated into national, regional and sales groups as well.

Capex calculation and final proposal generation

Storopack being a leader in custom packaging solutions faced a lot of order traffic. Thus, it need final proposals to be accurately and quickly calculated. Our Sunflower Lab team of experts introduced Capex calucations so that the process could be streamlined and could be easily managed by the existing staff.

Real-time updates and counters

With multiple users it gets difficult to know who made changes and when, however, through audit trail logs there is accountability assigned to changes. Thus, the data entered is secure & any changes made will be reflected.

Reminders and Alerts

Since there is an approval process during the quotation generation, for CAPEX approval, sharing, rejection, etc., there are reminders and alerts provided through the notifications tab. Our experts created this feature so that the Storopack team do not have to remember or keep track of actions – they are managed automatically.

Master data management for materials and pricing information

With proper and updated master data management it is easier for accurate bill of materials and quotations to be generated. Since the pricing information is updated in the real-time there is no need for manual updating in all records as was the case previously in excel. Thus, data is real-time updated.

Audit trail to track actions taken and changes made within the system

An audit trail is not just a record but also a security feature. Unlike excel where it would be difficult to track changes, our experts added an audit trail log so that any changes made could be tracked for better control over the information presented. Thus, despite real-time updates & easy changes, accuracy can be maintained.

Bill of materials creation and proposal generation

With multiple users it gets difficult to know who made changes and when, however, through audit trail logs there is accountability assigned to changes. Thus, the data entered is secure & any changes made will be reflected.

Support for multiple currencies

Dealing with an international clientele means multiple currencies need to be taken into account. With automatic payment computations as well as multilanguage support, the administrative team is facilitated. Speeded up billing process thus leads to smoother sales. Therefore, our experts were able to automate the process.

      ♦       The 2-time ALL4PACK Award Nominee Adds a New Product Sealing Its Position as the Master of Innovative Packaging Solutions       ♦      The Ability to Deliver Faster & Better Ensures Business with Storopack Growing by 13% in 2022

Being an international leader in customized packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly with clients like Amazon, Storopack required a digital solution to streamline the approval and proposal generation process. In CAPEX it has found a digital solution that streamlines the process and facilitates the process so well that even its HQ in Germany plans to switch over to this.

With a global presence and 2,490+ employees at 70 different locations in over 18 countries, collaboration and data integration is a must. This is where CAPEX comes in, with a defined master, automated data, real-time figures, and an audit trail; keeping on top of quotation generation to finalzation is just a click away.

Complete Order Management
All in One Application!

From real-time updates, notifications and alerts to master and
user data management and multicurrency support, with our
digital specialist on the job you have all your required features
& functionality in one application.

Automate & Simplify
Operations with CRM,
CMS & Digital Solutions!

Storopack has over 40 different packaging solutions and so our team worked with their makreting team to understand their requirements. We then created a cusom marketing solution that would minimize their workload as well as increase their efficeicny levels.

Minimizing Workloads &
Increasing Efficiency
with Bespoke CRM

With a custom CRM created by our experts, Storopack could increase its efficiency as they could now leverage the power of automation. Now their marketing team could easily reach out to prospective clients, get updates & get offline as well as secure data access.

Storopack CMS –
Streamlining Process Flow
for Greater Efficiency

With a custom content management application created by our digital specialist administrators can manage content on the go. Modification of product/material, pricing, brochures can all be done via the mobile app in a few clicks.

Unsure how digital solutions can solve your business problems? Let our team know about your idea or requirements and let us sor thte digital element out.

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