Presenting the 1st Forbes iPad App – Read Inspirational Stories on the Go

Forbes is well known for publishing lists of the 400 Richest Americans and World Billionaires. However, Forbes wanted its readers to have more than a list with convenience as well.

This is where our Sunflower Lab founders come in. They devised a digital solution through which the Forbes list could be seen in an iPad app. To this they added the functionality of profiles of all the billionaires and richest people featured. And to make things simpler, all the user has to do is click on the featured picture of the person they want to read about!


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View America’s 400 Richest Right on Your Phone

Forbes has always been a leader in innovation. Keen to ensure a better reading experience with more accessibility, Forbes decided to go create an iPad app. Thus, now with this iPad app, the user can access the list and read about America’s 400 Richest directly from their phone.

View The Forbes World’s Billionaires On The Go

View the Forbes World’s Billionaires On the Go

Convenience is an element that is close to a user’s heart. Forbes understood this and chose to extend its readership further by tapping into digital waters through the iPad version of its World Billionaire’s list. By going digital they could add more functionality too by featuring information that they previously would not have been able to accommodate in the print version.

Easy Navigation to Your Favorite List Directly from Home Page

While the UI of an app needs to be attractive, it is important that it is functional. So that users do not have to scroll through or look for a specific list they have been provided with icons on the home page so that they can easily access the list that they want. Also, the user can simply click on the featured image of the person if they are interested in reading more.

Visit the Profile Page of Your Favorite
Billionaire to Know Their Story

Forbes previously used to publish a list which only provided information on the Richest Person or Billionaires. This digitalized version provides additional information about the person’s features, their net worth, and other details can be easily mentioned. Also, because it is in digital format the user has control over what information they want to see and explore further. Thus, the user has basic information with the additional choice of being able to choose to read more.

Easily Save Your Favorite Profiles to Favorites for Easy Reading

The Forbes list is quite extensive, and it would not be easy to have profile summaries of all America’s 400 Richest People and World Billionaires in traditional print format. Furthermore, for the reader to sift through pages and find their favorite stories or personalities too would be cumbersome. Through this digital solution users can simply mark as ‘Favorite’ those profiles they like and want to visit again. it would be cumbersome for the reader to sift through pages and find their favorite stories or personalities

Have an out-of-the-box product in mind or do you need an innovative digital solution? Sunflower Lab’s experts can assist you in getting that digital transformation! Let’s talk!

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