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Looking to create a website that is cost-friendly and provides good ROI? You’re at the right place! Reap the benefits of our Power Pages Development services and take your business to a global level. Our Power Page Developers will be at your disposal for end-to-end support and maintenance.

Increased Productivity 

Increased Productivity

Through Power Pages, a significant portion of tasks are automated, reducing the burden of manual labor, whether it’s sending follow-up emails, addressing customer inquiries, or keeping databases up to date.

Cost and Time Saving 

Cost and Time Saving

Unlike traditional websites, Power Pages is a very budget-friendly and time saving approach because of its low code/no code platform.

Greater Accuracy

Greater Accuracy

Power Pages automation capabilities ensure that website data is transferred accurately between systems and stored in Dataverse, enabling employees or SMB owners to access it from anywhere and anytime.



Power Pages is also a scalable option as when a website’s traffic and user interactions grow, it will be able to handle increased data processing, helping maintain a seamless user experience.

Streamlined Workflow 

Streamlined Workflow

Power Pages allow seamless data flow between your website’s front-end, back-end, and other systems such as email marketing, and analytics, ensuring a smoother workflow.

Return On Investment 

Return On Investment

Power Pages ensure a good ROI with improved data accuracy and enhance customer interactions.

AMOT – Leave approval flow

Automating Employee Leave Management with Power Platform Suite

Request demo icon Case study – AMOT PTO App

We made AMOT Personal Time Off App using Power Platform Suite integration to automate employee leaves. With this, employees can request leave from dynamically set approvers. Approvers can review and manage leave requests, check calendars for overlapping time off, and ensure a smooth and organized leave management process.

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Step-Up your Digital Presence with Advanced Quality Power Pages

Request demo icon Overview

Join teams with this low-code software as a service (SaaS) platform to achieve a variety of website services. Irrespective of your coding game, you can handle the website with Power Pages easily because of its easy-to-handle interface. Empower your business with quickly designed websites with less investment and good ROI.

Step-Up your Digital Presence with Advanced Quality Power Pages

Join teams with this low-code software as a service (SaaS) platform to achieve a variety of website services. Irrespective of your coding game, you can handle the website with Power Pages easily because of its easy-to-handle interface. Empower your business with quickly designed websites with less investment and good ROI.

Low Code/No Code Approach

With Microsoft’s Low Code/No Code approach, both seasoned developers and newcomers can build top-notch solutions with minimal coding effort. With everything ready to drag and drop, developers can swiftly make changes for quick solutions. Meanwhile, even coding beginners can easily create basic apps, workflows, or webpages without needing to hire a developer – simply Drag, Drop, and Build.

  • Create dynamic and efficient Power Pages with other leading “Low code/no code” Power Platform solutions to achieve quicker development, wider range of collaboration, and smooth workflow.


  • Elevate your Power Pages with interactive elements like Charts, Maps, and Calendars without the complexity of high-level programming. By leveraging the intuitive drag-and-drop interface we effortlessly incorporate these features in your web pages.


  • Create visually appealing Forms and establish Automated Workflows effortlessly, simply by dragging and dropping elements into place. This user-friendly approach eliminates the barriers of traditional coding, allowing us to create sophisticated solutions for you with ease.

Low code No Code Applications
  • Efficiently merge external data sources with your power pages, such as APIs and databases, without the knowledge of intricate code. This integration provides real-time information to your applications, enhancing their functionality and relevance.

With the introduction of a new design studio, Power Pages provided a more intuitive and user-friendly environment for building and customizing portals.

With the Template Hub we achieve pre-designed templates for various business scenarios, simplifying portal development and accelerating the creation process.

Power Pages allows administrators to create and manage data assets such as tables, fields, and views directly within the designer, streamlining data management for portals.

With Power Pages, we achieve globally accessible portals, by integrating with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to enhance performance by delivering static content from the nearest network location, ensuring a faster and consistent user experience.

The Learning Hub offers us a range of resources such as videos and documents to support users in building their desired websites.

Power Pages leverages the Bootstrap user experience framework to achieve fully responsive rendering, eliminating the need for users to write custom code for responsive designs.

Overall, the transition from Power Portals to Power Pages signifies a significant evolution, providing users with a more powerful and user-friendly tool for creating and managing external business websites. This transition introduces an array of new features and improvements that enhance the portal management experience. We have successfully implemented Power Pages in multiple projects.

Power Pages Development Services

Why settle on traditional websites? Go global with Intelligent Data-Powered Websites and Boost your business efficiency with our Low code/no code Power Pages.

Power Pages Consulting Services

Our expert Power Pages developers will support you in strategizing and designing, providing guidance and solutions at each step while keeping your business objective in mind.

Data analysis and preparation

Design Studio

Power Pages Design Studio helps us build websites with ready-to-use templates, enabling quick, easy and smart deployment. You can design your page just as you like – text, video, business data forms. You Ask, we Execute!

Power Automate (Flow) Integration

Template Hub

Power Pages Template Hub allows us to create quick websites, for scheduling, signing up or to perform other tasks, filled with different features based on your business requirements.

Power Pages

Learn Hub

With Power Pages’ Learn Hub, you can explore “How to” guides, tutorials, and videos to build and configure a website, or manage business data on a website.

Data visualization

Integration with Power Platform

Integrate Power Pages with Power Platform Suite and gain access to Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Dataverse and many more solutions. Achieve end-to end optimization of business processes with data-driven insights and visuals, making workflow easy and efficient.

power virtual

Ensure Security and Governance

Microsoft provides in-built Power Pages security with Azure DDoS protection, allowing us to create websites with secure and safe access of organization’s data to users from anywhere in the world.

Chat gpt icon

Design with Pro Tools

With Power Pages capabilities of adding tools like Visual Studio code, GitHub, Azure DevOps, our Power Page Developers gain the ability to create web pages that align with your business needs.

ai integration and development

Power pages Configuration

We leverage the Power Apps portals to achieve advanced capabilities in Power Pages such as global search, efficient web file management, seamless SharePoint integration, comprehensive multilingual support, and more to get a seamless business process.

Power Pages Migration

Migrate your existing websites to Power Pages in a quick and simple manner. Without losing any important or confidential data.

Java application upgrade and support

Power Pages Support and Maintenance

Count on our ongoing support to keep your Power Pages running smoothly. Our Power Pages Support and Maintenance services not only cover you from strategizing to deployment but provide assistance beyond that.  

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Integration of Features

SharePoint icon


Seamless integration of Power Pages with SharePoint to manage documents, lists, and data, enabling efficient collaboration and content management.

Office 365 icon

Office 365

Integrate with Office 365 to access productivity tools like Outlook, Excel, and Teams, optimizing productivity and streamlining workflows.

Dynamics 365 icon

Dynamics 365

Combine your CRM and ERP data within Dynamics 365. This integration offers enhanced customer engagement and business processes.

AI Builder icon

AI Builder

Combine Power Pages with AI Builder to enable AI-powered task solutions like data processing, prediction models, and decision-making capabilities.

OneDrive icon


OneDrive helps in seamless file storage, sharing, and synchronization, leading to enhanced document accessibility and collaboration.

Microsoft Azure icon

Microsoft Azure

Connect to Microsoft Azure services for advanced data analytics, machine learning, and IoT capabilities, powering intelligent decision-making.

SQL icon


Connect Power Pages with SQL databases to automate data-related tasks, trigger actions based on database events, and maintain data integrity.

SalesForce icon


Leverage SalesForce CRM to sync customer data, streamline sales processes, and enhance customer relationship management.

Dataverse icon


Integrate Dataverse with Power Pages to store and manage your data in a structured format and access it from anywhere with online platforms and data sources such as SharePoint, SQL Server, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Power Platform Suite


Power Apps

We help you build custom canvas apps tailored to your business needs. This gives us an advantage of integrating Microsoft Ecosystem in your Power Apps leading to efficiency and productivity.


Power Automate

Automate your daily tasks with our Power Automate expertise and make workflow seamless between your applications with services.


Power BI

Our Power BI experts help to make interactive reports and dashboards to gain insights from your data. Achieve business growth with data-driven decisions.


Power Pages

Enhance your user experience and elevate engagement to create interactive and engaging web pages with the help of our expert Power Page developers.


Power Virtual Agents

Improve user support and services by developing AI-powered chatbots into your apps using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and achieve customer engagement and loyalty with natural language conversations.

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Industries with possible Power Pages Integration

Your Business can strive forward with integrating Power Pages into your workflows. There are many industries who use traditional websites and can be further enhanced by our Power Pages integration and grow globally as well as improve customer engagement.

  • Automotives
  • Food & Beverages Industry
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Life Sciences
  • Chemical Industries
  • Retail
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • High-Tech Manufacturing

Solving Business Problems Using Power Pages

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, SMB owner or large-enterprise owner, you can improve your reach and customer engagement with our Power Page Services. Long gone are the days of slow speed websites and limited accessibility. Get unlimited access and business growth opportunities with Power Pages.


Responsive Rendering

Build Power Pages - responsive and mobile-friendly website, integrated with a variety of features.

Quick Deployment

Unlike traditional websites, Power Pages do not take months to develop and deploy.


Personalized Experience

Achieve personalized experiences with Power Pages to meet your unique business needs and fulfill specific business goals.

web app cross platform

Low-Code/ No-Code Advantage

With the advantage of the low code/no code approach, everyone can create Power Pages, regardless of your coding expertise.

Integration Testing

Data-Driven Websites

Develop websites that dynamically integrate data using Power Pages and provide real-time updates to your website.

Transform your legacy systems with Power Pages

Transform your legacy systems with Power Pages to achieve impressive results in a brief time like making informed choices, cost management and time savings. Create scenarios and analyze data through C# plugins and the Power Pages Web API, experience streamlined decision-making, showcasing your company’s commitment to innovative solutions and trust-building.

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Request demo icon USE CASE - Finance 

Transform Your Legacy Systems With Power Pages
Streamlining Data Accessibility With Power Pages

Streamlining Data Accessibility with Power Pages

Request demo icon USE CASE - IT Services

Experience secure access to confidential data through Power Pages. It fosters streamlined, connected interactions, eliminating service barriers. Notably, Power Pages drove the Microsoft Vaccination Management (MVM) solution, empowering customizable patient questionnaires and efficient vaccination scheduling. This Power Pages solution enhances service accessibility, improves security and saves time.

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Industry-Specific Power Apps Use Case

Optimizing retail operations enhances customer satisfaction.

  • Interactive Product Catalogs
  • Personalized Shopping Experiences
  • Efficient Order Tracking


Contact us today Contact us today

Enhance your expense reporting efficiency with Power Pages that simplifies submission, tracking, and approval processes.

  • Submit Documents
  • Initiate Loan Applications
  • Access Personalized Financial Advic


Contact us today Contact us today

Improve healthcare management system and unburden your employees with Power Pages

  • Streamlined Patient Onboarding
  • Customizable Treatment Plans
  • Secure Data Sharing


Contact us today Contact us today

Improve operational efficiency through Power Pages to monitor equipment maintenance and real-time production metrics.

  • Production Scheduling and Tracking
  • Facilitating real-time visibility into manufacturing operations


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Enhance student engagement with Power Pages

  • Student Registration
  • Course Selection
  • Progress Tracking


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Enhance your Travel Booking Processes with Power Pages

By using Power Pages, Dynamics 365 Sales, and Power Automate, a game-changing solution optimized business travel booking. Real-time market insights personalized quotes, elevating efficiency and decision-making. The integration of mapping functionality and Alexa CRM’s low-code adaptability further streamlined processes, reshaping business travel accommodations for enhanced efficiency, user satisfaction, and data security.

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Request demo icon USE CASE - Travel and Hospitality

Enhance Your Travel Booking Processes With Power Pages

Planning a Power Pages Project With SFL


During planning, we prioritize defining the website’s purpose, target users, and intended goals to ensure focused and effective page design.

Page Design & Customatization

In this process, we create visually appealing, user-centric designs keeping your business needs and brand identity in mind, while ensuring timely response and interaction.

Data Integration

Here, we ensure that your Power Page can access real-time information by connecting it to relevant data sources, APIs or any third-party services.


Here, we leverage the low-code capabilities of Power Pages and develop web applications. We design interactive components, set up workflows, create rules, triggers and implement functionalities based on the requirements.

Testing & Quality Assurance

We engage in thorough testing, evaluating functionality, bugs, and conducting tests and gathering feedback to make necessary changes. We ensure that your Page functions smoothly across different devices and browsers.


Now, we introduce the developed solution to the desired web hosting environment, ensuring a smooth Power Pages migration from development to production.

Support and Maintenance

This involves ongoing monitoring, addressing any issues that arise, and applying necessary updates to maintain peak performance.

Teams & Achievements


Years Of Experience


Projects Completed


Customer Retention


Experts onboard


A Power Page is a cutting-edge web development solution offered by Power Platform, designed to create dynamic, data-driven web applications quickly and efficiently. It empowers businesses to build interactive and user-friendly web pages without the need for extensive coding, thanks to its low-code approach.

Power Pages Development offers a range of services tailored to your business needs. We create custom web applications using Power Pages, enabling seamless user experiences, real-time data integration, and advanced functionalities. Our experts handle everything from conceptualization and design to deployment and ongoing support.

Power Pages Development can transform your business by developing powerful web applications that enhance customer engagement, streamline internal processes, and improve data management. Our solutions are adaptable across industries, enabling you to achieve efficiency gains, increase customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

Our Power Pages Development process begins with understanding your business requirements. We then design the user interface and workflows, integrate data sources, and develop the application using Power Pages. Careful testing ensures functionality and security. Finally, we deploy the application and provide ongoing maintenance and updates.

The development timeline for a Power Page varies based on the complexity of the application and your specific requirements. Generally, our experienced team aims to deliver solutions efficiently without compromising quality. We work closely with you to set realistic expectations and ensure timely delivery.

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