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Revolutionize your business workflow by choosing Power Platform development, a one-step solution for creating apps, automating tasks, analyzing data, and interacting with customers. It’s versatile, easy to use, and comes with many useful features that help businesses improve their processes.

Increased Productivity 

Increased Productivity

Power Platform enables employees to work on more important and strategic tasks by freeing them up of any repetitive tasks. This improves efficiency and increases the overall productivity of the employees and the business.

Cost and Time Saving 

Cost and Time Saving

Automation reduces the needs of manual labor and makes any process less prone to human errors, thus saving the time and cost related to any potential correction.

Greater Accuracy

Greater Accuracy

With no human intervention in between, automation enhances the accuracy of any process and also keeps it consistent.



While being consistent with quality and accuracy, Power Platform automation can adapt with the changing market status and demands.

Streamlined Workflow 

Streamlined Workflow

Power Platform helps in reducing the errors and eliminates repetitive tasks, making the workflow more efficient.

Return On Investment 

Return On Investment

Microsoft Power Platform offers a good return on investment for businesses by delivering cost savings, increased revenue, and improved overall business performance.

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Microsoft Power Platform Suite


Power Apps

We help you build custom canvas apps tailored to your business needs. This gives us an advantage of integrating Microsoft Ecosystem in your Power Apps leading to efficiency and productivity.


Power Automate

Automate your daily tasks with our Power Automate expertise and make workflow seamless between your applications with services.


Power BI

Our Power BI experts help to make interactive reports and dashboards to gain insights from your data. Achieve business growth by taking data-driven decisions.


Power Pages

Enhance your user experience and elevate engagement to create interactive and engaging web pages with the help of our expert Power Page developers.


Power Virtual Agents

Improve user support and services by developing AI-powered chatbots into your apps using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and achieve customer engagement and loyalty with natural language conversations.

Drive operational efficiency with Power Platform Development Services

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Sunflower Lab provides end-to-end Power Platform Development services. From consultation to implementation, integration, execution, and more, our Power Platform experts will provide support and solutions for your business at each and every step. One Step Closer to an Automated Future.

Drive operational efficiency with Power Platform Development Services

Sunflower Lab provides end-to-end Power Platform Development services. From consultation to implementation, integration, execution, and more, our Power Platform experts will provide support and solutions for your business at each and every step. One Step Closer to an Automated Future.

Power Platform Development Services

Integrate Power Platform Development into your workflows to improve efficiency and productivity using custom apps tailored specifically to your business needs.

Power BI Implementation

Our Power BI developers build interactive and insightful dashboards and reports to help you make data-driven decisions. Leverage this powerful data analytics tool to analyze, interpret and visualize small to large data in digital dashboards.

Power Apps Development

We give custom solutions to address the unique needs of your business. Our expert Power App Developers design and build canvas apps that fit your requirements just by ‘dragging and dropping’ the elements onto a canvas.

Power Automate (Flow) Integration

Power Automate (Flow) Integration

Automate your mundane and repetitive tasks with our Power Automate development services and enhance productivity and efficiency of your business workflows. Connect your favorite applications and services together and automate workflow.

power virtual

Power Virtual Assistant Deployment

Offer instant support to your users and improve engagement with our AI-powered chatbots on different platforms. Our no code/low code Power Virtual Assistant delivers personalized experiences, empowering you to effortlessly connect with your users.

Deep Learning Model Development

Power Platform Development and Implementation

Make data-driven decisions for your business with our end-to-end development and implementation of diverse Power Platform Tools, such as Power Automate, Power BI templates, dashboards and custom solutions.


System Integration with Power Platform

Our Power Platform experts create custom solutions that connect easily with your existing systems and connectors to ensure a smooth flow of data and operations of Power Apps with Microsoft ecosystem, like integration of SharePoint in Power Apps or integration of Dynamics 365.

ChatGPT Integration with Power Platform

Integrate your Power Platform with natural language processing and conversational interface using ChatGPT Services. We create custom connectors and connect with API-enabled data source or any third-party services to enhance your workflow.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

We design and implement hybrid cloud architectures to ensure data security, scalability, and flexibility in Power Platform deployments. Sync your work resources and leverage them to easily maintain your day-to-day operations as well as fulfil your business needs.

Power Pages

Power Pages

Our Power Page developers will help you build these simple, no code/low code websites and design them with business data forms, lists, visuals etc. which can seamlessly integrate with the Microsoft ecosystem. Integrate Azure, Microsoft Dataverse and many different platforms into your websites today.

ai integration and development

Power Apps Upgrade and Support Services

Empower your business with cutting edge features and improved performance with Power Apps and its development. Our Power Apps experts provide support and keep all the features up to date. Experience seamless and efficient Power Apps Upgrade and Support Services with Sunflower Lab.

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AMOT – Leave approval flow

Automating Employee Leave Management

Request demo icon Case study – AMOT PTO App

We made AMOT Personal Time Off App using Power Platform integration to automate employee leaves. With this, employees can request leave from dynamically set approvers. Approvers can review and manage leave requests, check calendars for overlapping time off, and ensure a smooth and organized leave management process.

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Integration of Features

SharePoint icon


Seamless integration of Power Platform with SharePoint to manage documents, lists, and data, enabling efficient collaboration and content management.

Office 365 icon

Office 365

Integrate with Office 365 to access productivity tools like Outlook, Excel, and Teams, optimizing productivity and streamlining workflows.

Dynamics 365 icon

Dynamics 365

Combine Power Platform with Dynamics 365 to leverage CRM and ERP capabilities, enhancing customer engagement and business processes.

AI Builder icon

AI Builder

Leverage AI Builder to add AI capabilities, such as form processing and object detection, to your Power Apps and Power Automate solutions.

OneDrive icon


OneDrive helps in seamless file storage, sharing, and synchronization, leading to enhanced document accessibility and collaboration.

Microsoft Azure icon

Microsoft Azure

Connect to Microsoft Azure services for advanced data analytics, machine learning, and IoT capabilities, powering intelligent decision-making.

SQL icon


Integrate with SQL Server to access, manage, and query relational databases, enabling robust data-driven applications.

SalesForce icon


Leverage SalesForce CRM to sync customer data, streamline sales processes, and enhance customer relationship management.

Dataverse icon


Integrate Dataverse with Power Platform to store and manage your data in a structured format and access it from anywhere with online platforms and data sources such as SharePoint, SQL Server, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365.

Leverage the Low-Code/No-Code Solutions to Build Custom Apps and Automate Workflows

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Automating HR Management with Power Platform

Automating HR management with Power Apps and Power Automate streamlines processes. It digitizes forms and integrates with HR systems, ensuring a seamless flow. It is a self-service portal through which new employees can get automated notifications and do e-signatures.

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Request demo icon USE CASE - HR Onboarding & Off-Boarding

OpenAI App development services
Sales Enhancement

Automating Sales Management with Power Platform

Request demo icon USE CASE - Sales Management

Enhance sales management with a customized Power App. Gather and merge data, automate follow-up reminders using Power Automate, and utilize Power BI for dynamic visualizations. This approach speeds up sales processes, encourages teamwork, and delivers real-time insights, facilitating well-informed decisions.

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Claims Management Optimization with Power Platform

Optimize insurance claims via Power Platform. Deploy user-friendly Power App for easy attachment submissions. Automate claim routing and approval with Power Automate. Speed up claims, enhance satisfaction, gain insights by analyzing processing metrics through Power BI.

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Request demo icon USE CASE - Claims Management

Claims Managment

Industry-Specific Power Platform Use Case

Optimizing retail operations enhances customer satisfaction with Power Platform Development.

  • Real time inventory management.
  • Efficient Stock Control.
  • Timely Restocking.
  • Order tracking and Support .


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Power Platform helps to improve data accuracy, and gain deeper insights into their financial performance, ultimately leading to better financial management and business growth.

  • Loan processing automation .
  • Advanced algorithms for fraud detection.
  • Financial statements automation.
  • Customer credit monitoring .


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Power Platform development enables healthcare solutions such as below resulting in improved patient care and communication.

  • Appointment Scheduling.
  • Health Tracking.
  • Patient Monitoring through IoT devices.
  • Automated billing process.


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Enhance product quality and efficiency with Power BI while at the same time driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • Quality Control Dashboards .
  • Automate supply chain processes.
  • Invoice processing automation.
  • Logistics data automation.


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Enhance academic excellence with our Power Platform Services.

  • Student Performance Tracking.
  • Personalized Learning.
  • Automate Course Enrollment and Registration.
  • Feedback and Assessment Systems.


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SFL Process


Here, we identify specific challenges or issues, collect any requirements, and clearly define a specific goal of the project.


We create a strategic layout for the Power Platform solution, shaping many solution components while establishing a strong architectural framework.


Here, the actual construction of the solution occurs, encompassing the building of solution components based on the design layout, incorporating custom coding logic, and facilitating integration with external systems.


We engage in thorough testing, including evaluating functionality, conducting integration tests to ensure seamless interaction with other systems, and performing user acceptance testing.


Now, we introduce the developed solution into the production environment, configuring essential settings, migrating relevant data, and providing necessary training to users for effective utilization.

Support and Maintenance

This involves continuous monitoring, troubleshooting issues, and implementing updates as required to sustain optimal functionality.

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Power Platform, developed by Microsoft, is a suite of low-code/no-code tools and services that empowers users to create custom business applications for their unique needs. This suite is used to automate workflows and gain valuable insights from data without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Power Platform encompasses a broader range of tools and services for building applications, automating workflows, and analyzing data. Power Apps, on the other hand, is a specific part of the Power Platform that caters to the development of custom applications without the need for extensive coding.

Power Platform empowers your organization to become more agile, efficient, and data-driven, driving innovation and improvement across all aspects of your business processes.

From business analysts and power users who can rapidly create solutions with little-to-no coding, to professional developers who can leverage their expertise for more complex requirements, Power Platform empowers diverse users to build powerful applications and automate workflows according to their unique needs and skill levels.

Power Platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your current business systems and applications, including ERP and CRM platforms. By integrating Power Platform with your existing ERP and CRM systems, you can elevate their capabilities, automate workflows, and enhance data visibility throughout your organization.

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