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We offer full-stack iOS app development services for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and more. Our brilliant team of iOS developers leverage their knowledge of iPhone app development to deliver beautiful and powerful products known for scalability, security, and innovation.

Reach more customers and make your business more agile with a custom Android app development services from Sunflower Lab. We have over a decade of experience with Android app development in Ohio. Our Android app development services offer a tailor-made experience that will help you launch your idea or grow your business.

A hybrid app is a software application that combines elements of both native apps and web applications. Hybrid apps have the ability to function whether or not the device is connected, are integrated with the mobile device’s file system and web-based services, and have an embedded browser to improve access to dynamic online content.

By building a progressive web app (a more modern version of mobile web apps), you’re able to offer your users a well-designed experience that feels like a native app, but without the high cost and requirement to download an app.

Phone & Messaging

One-touch dialing within the app, push notifications & sounds, text and in-app messaging.

Audio/Video Calling

Twilio Integration connects your app with the global communication network through APIs.


Touchscreen signature capture and storage for approvals and confirmations.

In-App Purchasing

Selling direct to consumers from within the app, Apple and/or Google Payment processing.

GPS Navigation

Mapping integration, routing based on current location and system addresses, and real-time location tracking.

Barcode/QR Scanning

Built-in scanning and processing capabilities using the device’s camera.

Payment Processing

Stripe and PayPal connections allow payments to be completed in app.

Local Storage

Keep your mobile app data safe with local storage.

Get a FREE estimate for your project today.

Our team of experts will review your project and give you a quote at no cost.

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Mobile App Development Process

We are a mobile app development company dedicated to delivering beautiful, usable products to our clients in an easy four-step process. 


Design and Prototype

We commence by meeting with our client and understanding their business needs. We then brainstorm with our team of developers and create a prototype mobile app that brings the client’s needs to life.


Build and Test

Once the prototype design has been finalized, our team will begin building the app. When the mobile app has been developed, we test it on targeted mobile iOS versions and hardware.



After successful testing, the client’s app is now ready for distribution! We deploy it to Google Play store and/or the Apple store.


Measure and Market

With the mobile app deployed, we measure the customer experience, usage, market penetration, and application performance through various analytical tools.

Industries We Serve

Ohio is home to a wide variety of industries. We have been of service to numerous satisfied customers over the years, including entrepreneurs, startups, and Fortune 500 companies in 12 different industries.  

Get a FREE estimate for your project today.

Our team of experts will review your project and give you a quote at no cost.

Get a quote on your project!

Mobile App Development Company

People often fondly refer to certain time periods as a “golden age” to reflect that a certain aspect was at its peak. To say we’re in the “golden era” of mobile technology doesn’t properly reflect just how good things are. Perhaps it is more applicable to call this the “platinum era.”

Push Notifications determine the necessity of a mobile App. If the app is not using Push Notifications, it is missing out majorly on the best marketing tool it could come across.

Let’s sit back and count the ways in which data storage and management aren’t working these days. With the digitalization of all the industries, it’s time to extend a hand towards the manufacturing sector to make their work and output easier. There is a significant increase in the output, no doubt.

As per a survey by The Economist, by the year 2020, there will be around 20 billion mobile devices. And, currently, there are almost 2 million apps on Google Play and iTunes store. So it’s already high time businesses start to consider getting a mobile app development service or develop a mobile app by themselves.

When an execution environment is created to perform automated tests, it is known as a testing framework. It can be defined as a set of concepts, best practices, common tools, libraries & assumptions which comprises of a work platform or an environment for automated testing and can be used across teams.

Xamarin was a software company founded in 2011. In 2016, Xamarin was acquired by Microsoft. Xamarin provides the tools which can help build cross-platform mobile applications that have all the features of native apps and also share a common codebase.

Native apps are software programs developed to use for specific platforms or devices. Unlike web or mobile cloud apps, since Native apps are developed for specific OS or devices. Native app development uses a specific programming language such as Java or Objective C and so, they can take full advantage of the features provided by an OS and perform optimally.

Mobile app development is vital for any company. There’s no denying to that. Those who think it otherwise will have to reframe their business strategies around creating a mobile app for their business. A lot of mobile app development companies have been developing mobile apps for a while now.

Design thinking is a method used by designers in ideation as well as mobile app development. It is used to solve complex problems and find desirable solutions for clients.

How much will it cost to create mobile apps in Ohio? There is more than one way to create business mobile apps, and the method depends on the budget. Don’t think that just because your application can be downloaded free from the app store so you can build an app for the price of a cell phone. As per reports, the cost of mobile app development in Columbus, Ohio range from $100,000 to $500,000.

Finding right mobile app development team requires knowledge in a range of things. People who are looking to hire a team should know essentials that can help them achieve their business goals. It is very important for businesses to have a strategy in order to get the most out of their applications.