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Java is an extremely versatile language. It can be used to create various apps ranging from customer support chatbots powered with ChatGPT to customer-compliant management and even E-learning! At the same time, Java requires expertise which is not always possible in-house which is why product owners choose to outsource java development.

Cross-platform, scalable, secure, versatile

Java is an extremely versatile language. It can be used to create various apps ranging from customer support chatbots powered with ChatGPT to customer-compliant management and even E-learning! At the same time, Java requires expertise which is not always possible in-house which is why product owners choose to outsource java development.

Web Application Development

Java Web Application Development

Due to Java’s platform independence, it is easier to deploy web applications without making too many changes. A Java app development company can also help in ensuring that the digital product is built to be scalable, Robust, and reliable.


Java Middleware Development

With Java software development services, a product owner can that the end product is reliable and secure. Proper middleware development consists of the design, development, and implementation of middleware solutions based on Java technologies. and frameworks. This also includes the Java app development framework.

Java Enterprise Application Development

Java is a specialization in itself and so when it comes to cross-platform app development Java might be easier to deploy, but expertise in the same is required. The use of Java technologies like Java Persistence API (JPA), design patterns such as the Model-View-Controller (MVC), and the integration of various systems and frameworks like Spring, Struts, etc. requires knowledge.

cross platform web app

Java Cloud Native Application Development

The business requirements are first analyzed and then the cloud-native architecture is designed in order to meet the organization’s specific needs. With a Java app development company on the job, a product owner can be sure that the implementation will contain DevOps practices such as continuous integration and delivery. Java Cloud Native Application Development deals more with designing applications to run on cloud platforms. The Java app development framework here would base itself on lightweight frameworks such as MicroProfile and Spring Boot.


Java Microservices Application Development

Microservices applications need to be agile. Though Java has features like cross platform app development Java allows microservice applications which consist of several small, independent, and loosely coupled services that have specific functionality. For example, Netflix uses a microservice architecture to deliver users a more personalized experience through search, recommendation, and playback options.


Java Migration

Java development services are essential for the smooth migration of an organizations exiting Java applications – the older version – to a newer one. Or, this could also include the migration from a legacy infrastructure to a modern- cloudbased infrastructure. Organizations choose to outsource Java development for a migration experience that is lower on downtimes. Also, the migrated application should be fully functional, reliable as well as secure.

Java Application Support & Maintenance

Java software development services come in handy especially when it comes to ongoing support and maintenance. For ensuring functionality, that software remains operational, efficient, secure, and reliable with a consistent user experience. Thus, by outsource java development organizations can minimize downtime, while also reducing costs and optimizing the value of their investment in the application.

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Implementing RPA to Create a HIPAA Compliant Management System for Streamlined Patient Care

Request demo iconCase study - Zinniax

Using RPA for comprehensive data analytics, claim management, and streamlining of Electronic Medical Records. Better monitoring of patient history leads to better diagnosis and healthcare management.

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Although Sunflower Lab is still working on the project, they establish a coherent roadmap for the engagement. The team maintains a strong understanding of the business, which allows them to create effective solutions. Their ability to understand our business and offer efficientsolutions impress us.

Gene Bouche


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Area of Excellence

Our Java development services are comprehensive and based on our interactions and experience with clients during the development of their healthcare related digital products. Java frameworks such as Spring and JavaServer Faces (JSF). This is ideal in the development of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. It also provides a reliable platform that is scalable and can handle influxes of patient data, appointments and the like.

Apart from these Java Persistence API (JPA) and Hibernate are perfect when it comes to medical coding while Apache Mahout and Apache Hadoop are mostly used in machine learning and health data analytic applications.

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The protection of sensitive data and security is paramount when it comes to fintech applications. When dealing with payment gateways and transaction processing systems, there are security features in Java that cater specifically to this like Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) and also, Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS).

In our years of providing Java software development services to clients we have found that Spring and Hibernate can be used for real-time monitoring and alerting. They can also be used for the integration with third-party data sources and APIs.


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Java frameworks like Struts and Spring can be used in the development of online shopping cart functions like the addition of items to a cart, the calculation of the prices and the checkout process. Such frameworks can be integrated with payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe for a secure and efficient payment process.

E-commerce applications need to be scalable and robust which is why a Java app development framework is preferred. Java Persistence API (JPA) along with Hibernate are ideal for CRM software and database management.


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Java libraries reduce the time to market as developers do not have to create the code from scratch. Apache OFBiz and Apache ActiveMQ are the perfect set of tools for the building of enterprise applications.

Similarly, Spring and Hibernate are good for warehouse management systems as well as for the improvement of core functionality.


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Java frameworks and libraries are very flexible. The range of software applications includes customer service portals, VoIP, billing systems and various multimedia services. Through the leveraging of RTSJ and JMF developers can build VoIP and multimedia applications.

These libraries are used to implement the real-time voice and video communication. Thus, the libraries and frameworks provide a flexible toolset that can aid in accelerating the development process.


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Apache Struts and Apache Tomcat can be used when implementing core functionality for the access of government services like social security, education and healthcare. A Java app development company will ensure that secure user authentication is also implemented.

Apache Struts is a popular MVC (Model-View-Controller) frameworks and it provides the feature set required for the creation of web applications. Apache Tomcat on the other hand, provides an environment for the running of Java web applications.


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Skills of Our Java Development Team


  • Core java
  • J2EE
  • Spring Boot
  • Java Server Faces
  • Hibernate
  • Struts
  • Blade

API Design

  • PostMan
  • Swagger
  • GitLab
  • GitHub
  • Bitbucket
  • Jenkin
  • Bamboo
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure
  • Digital Ocean
  • Lambda (serverless)
  • Dapr
  • Heroku
  • Docker
  • Nginx
  • Kubernetes


  • Monolithic
  • Microservice

Development Tools

  • Eclipse
  • maven
  • Gadel
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • VS Studio Code
  • NetBeans IDE

Analytics & Logs

  • Gray Log
  • Grafana
  • New Relic
  • Log4J
  • Cloud Watch
  • SonarQube
  • Sentry

Project Management

  • JIRA
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • MS Teams
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • NoSQL
  • JUnit
  • Selenium
  • JMeter
  • PostMan
  • Mockito
  • RabbitMQ
  • Amazon MQ
  • Apache Kafka Streams
  • Apache NiFi

How Briskheat Turning Up the Heat by Reducing Time to Quotation Led to Increased Sales!

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Requirement gathering is a time-consuming process at best. While it is a hassle for on-field engineers, it also slows down the quotation process hindering impulse sales.

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Revolutionizing E-education to Bring Back the Human Touch

Request demo icon Case study - eHUMANIZE

Ehumanize wanted to make E-learning a more human process and for that it had to break out of the mold of being flat, impersonal and disengaging. It did so by
digitally transforming how e-learning is perceived by an application that redefined stereotypes.

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Transforming Your Business through Real-Time Compliant Mangement Using ResolvedX

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For businesses who want to stay on top of their game proper management of customer complaints is integral. Proper tracking and handling of complaints ensures lesser escalation rates while improving overall customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

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SFL Java App Development Lifecycle


This is a crucial step as it lays the foundation of the product. Hence, we take special care during brainstorming and researching to include pain points. Also, we analyze potential opportunities so as to further improve the functionality of the product so that you can make the best out of our Java development services.


Evaluation of the performance and functionality of the product or solution is done so that quality output is achieved. We can do manual as well as automated testing so that prior to deployment possible glitches & bugs are fixed. This takes the hassle off the product owner which is why many people prefer opting for a Java development company.


To test the initial functionality & design, a prototype is a must. Thus, our Java experts create prototypes for testing & validation before investing more heavily in development. Despite cross platform app development Java being easier, it is always ideal to pay attention to code.


We are there for our clients from ideation to support. Thus, our support includes ongoing assistance and maintenance. It is critical to proper customer satisfaction that can performance or functionality related gaps are addressed if they arise. Thus, continued testing and updates are essential.


Here, our various teams collaborate for the software programming or hardware design as we move to create the finished digital product turning your idea into a reality.


Post-testing the final product or solution is released to the intended users or market. We ensure a smooth transition from development to deployment.

We partner with our clients from ideation to deployment.

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Java Trends

Java has become popular as it is easy to develop, test & maintain. Developers find Java to allow them more opportunity to be innovative while at the same time being faster on the timelines. Some of the reasons Java is a fond favorite are below:

Cross platform

Cross-platform functionality is possible without the need of additional modifications thus, saving time & effort of developers.


A Java development company can build applications that can handle increasing amounts of traffic and data without hindering performance.


Java’s features of robust security by access control, encryption & authentication allow a Java development company to make a product more secure.


Due to a vast range of frameworks and tools a full stack app development company can speed up the time to market due to this versatility.

With the advent of 2023, there are new technologies that are merging with Java development. This has increased the scope of the outsource of java development. With new technologies, people have come to realize that Java might be easy, but to explore its full potential and expert is required. Listed below are the Top 5 Trends in Java Development as of 2023, from artificial intelligence and Java to SaaS & PaaS

Python ML & AI Application Development

Artificial Intelligence

By infusing Java with AI, businesses can get rich results as users will have a more personalized experience. Machine learning will further help in charting user preferences and learning more about them.


Big Data

Java supports several Big Data projects. It’s tools Apache Mahout and Hadoop support the same. Big Data is able to store vast amounts of data in any format and analyze the same. And data that can be converted into information has always been considered priceless.

Integration Testing

Integration Testing

Without testing it is not possible to have clean code and functional working code

web app cross platform

Serverless Architecture

With serverless architecture designers are able to focus on the actual core product instead of worrying about or overseeing the working of the servers. Thus, there is the freedom of not having to manage the foundation during the building and running of applications.


SaaS and PaaS

While Software as a Service (SaaS) has a sizable market section, Platform as a Service (PaaS) is predicted to do even better. Due to the advent of telecommuters the requirement for superior execution frameworks to work easily from home. Java being one of the most utilized programming languages will certainly make the lion’s share.

Teams & Achievements


Years Of Experience


Projects Completed


Customer Retention


Industries served


There are several advantages to product development using Java. However, to make full use of Java’s potential a Java development company would be your best bet. Java experts would be more equipped to take advantage of the rich API and support library that Java provides. This can lead to faster time to market and a
reduction in development costs which is why organizations prefer to outsource Jav development, expertise matters.

Due to its platform independence, it is possible for developers to create products that can function on various devices like mobile devices, desktops, and servers. Having a sound development community further allows for quicker product creation with more efficiency. Due to its scalability higher traffic and volumes of data too can be tackled. And considering the increasing importance of security, Java provides sandboxing, access control as well as code signing. Thus, Java is versatile and with the right Java app development company you can unlock the full potential
of this powerful language.

Though Java is extremely versatile, it is also a complex language. Thus, opting for professional Java development services will ensure that you do not face any problems during the development stages. Java development services experts need to be aware for instance, of object-oriented programing principles and concepts like threading, exception handling, and memory mapping.

Furthermore, due to Java’s popularity, it can become a target for hackers. A professional Java development company would have developers who anticipate this
can are aware of such potential risks. By following best practices to prevent attacks and testing on functionality and security, the end product would be both secure as
well as reliable.

When creating a digital product, the onus of following best practices falls on the Java development company so that users have a secure, consistent, and functional
experience. By the use of strong authentication and authorization, it is possible to reduce security-related vulnerabilities post-deployment of the product or solution. On this front, rigorous and structured testing to is important. Automated forms of testing are best for better maintenance of the codebase over time.

As a Java app development company, we also ensure that the codes are modular and clean so that it is easier to maintain them. The codebase also remains more
manageable and easier to read. Design patterns can assist in solving programmingrelated problems and the writing of more efficient and effective code.

When developing a digital product, it is very important to be completely certain of the technology that is being used. A Java development company can ensure that
your product is scalable, light and secure. These factors certainly can lessen the time to market. However, there might be other factors that should be considered
and which are independent of a Java app development framework. While the skill level of your Java development services provider matters, the complexity of the product and the development process also tend to slow things down.

Java can run easily across platforms and so this reduces the deployment time. Furthermore, it has an extensive set of frameworks and libraries that further speed
up the development process. With Java’s Object-oriented programing model, modifying and maintaining code also becomes much easier. Thus, the Java app
development framework can assist in speeding up the process.

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