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Data Integration Service Powered with Real-Time Business Intelligence

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Get effortless SAP to Power BI integration services. Take advantage of our services to integrate your application to Power BI with our simple no-code processing.

Data Integration Service Powered with Real-Time Business Intelligence

Get effortless SAP to Power BI integration services. Take advantage of our services to integrate your application to Power BI with our simple no-code processing.

Developing Intuitive and Precise Integration Process

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Streamlined Workflow 

SAP Linking to Power BI

You can connect the SAP and Power BI APIs using our simple product interface, and you can easily access all API data to build the integrations you want.


Integration Tool Customization

To turn data into the necessary data format and to change your integrations to match your business needs, use our Power BI integration features.


Integration and API conflict resolution

We have a monitoring and logging system built in to track down and fix any integration issues. This will make sure that your program goes on without any troubles.

Amot - Sales OverView

Dynamic Dashboard Development for Better Sales Collaboration

Request demo icon Case study – AMOT PTO App

Given that AMOT is a global manufacturer, information about sales performance, client order trends, and booking status is essential to the business. Knowing this, Sunflower Lab made sure to create a dynamic dashboard that would refresh with current sales information.

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SAP-Power BI Integration Services

As a leader in SAP integration to Power BI services, Sunflower Lab brings you the latest set of practices which will be implemented by our expert developers.


SAP Business One Integration

Our SAP integration to Power BI service extends its capabilities to SAP Business One that automates business functions. Our Power BI developers will seamlessly integrate this for your ease.


SAP HANA Integration

The powerful SAP HANA can be integrated with Power BI with our embedding services, this database with in-memory powers will effortlessly partner with Power BI for visual data analytics


SAP Business Warehouse Integration

With our SAP integration to Power BI, you will also get the facility to enable business data from SAP Business Warehouse which transforms and consolidates your business information to get integrated with Power BI.


Integration of Microsoft Ecosystem with Power BI + SAP solution

We ensure a smooth flow of data across the Microsoft ecosystem to improve and enhance user experience. Integrate your SAP with Dataverse, Azure, AI Builder, and so many different platforms

Power-Packed Features Of Power BI

User-friendly interface

Power BI has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to create and share reports and dashboards.

Integration with Microsoft products

Power BI integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products like Excel and SharePoint, allowing users to work with data from multiple sources.

Data visualization

Data visualization

Power BI has a wide range of data visualization options that enable users to create interactive dashboards, charts, and graphs that can be customized to meet their specific needs.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions


Power BI is a cloud-based platform, which means that users can access their data and reports from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection.

Deep Learning Model Development


Power BI allows users to collaborate on reports and dashboards, making it easy for teams to work together on data analysis and sharing insights.

Power Automate (Flow) Integration

Powerful data modeling

Power BI includes a powerful Data Modeling engine that enables users to transform and shape data from multiple sources into a format that can be easily analyzed.

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Gene Boucher

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Zinniax has dramatically improved the efficiency of our operations. Repetitive and time-consuming tasks that used to take up a significant portion of the team's workday are now handled seamlessly by the RPA system. This allows to redirect of resources and manpower toward more strategic and high-value tasks. Your team's support throughout the development and implementation process has been exceptional.

Gene Boucher


Solution for clothing brand’s business expansion

With the integration services, this has turned daily operations more efficient with full Catalog sync to e-commerce, stock and availability, omnichannel orders process, refunds process, delivery process, including Shipments, track and trace to e-commerce and reporting data.

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Solution for clothing brand’s business expansion
Solution for food supply chain for business expansion

Solution for food supply chain for business expansion

Request demo icon USE CASE - Food Supply Chain

A custom-made integration solution that brings together a lot of tools like full catalog sync ERP to e-commerce, customer data account creating and login processes, stock and availability, orders process, delivery process, including Shipments, track and trace to e-commerce.

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Solution for camping & outdoor stores for business expansion

Creating innovative solutions to provide the outdoor camping stores a simple and effective solution like B2C customer (company and contacts) data login, account creation tool and Stock & availability viewer, a single interface for order processing and e-commerce management.

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Request demo icon USE CASE - Outdoor Hospitality

Solution for camping & outdoor stores for business expansion

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SAP Industries With Possible Power BI Integration

Your Business can strive forward with embedding Power BI, if you are using SAP cloud services. There are many industries who use SAP and get further empowered by our Power BI integration and create dashboards & reports

  • Automotives
  • Retail
  • Life Sciences
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Chemical Industries
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • High-Tech Manufacturing



Sunflower Lab has achieved a significant milestone by becoming a recognized consulting partner by Microsoft. We are committed to leveraging our Microsoft partnership to deliver top-notch Power BI development services and help our clients optimize their data and unlock valuable insights for their business success.

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To meet the needs of both sectors, Power BI facilitates the usage of self-service and enterprise data analytics on a single platform. For creating relevant content that is related to the company’s KPIs and brand, Power BI assists in connecting to models and visualizing data. This helps in SAP to Power BI Integration.

We have seen a rapid expansion in the ERP market, their individual potential, and how combining the strengths of SAP and Power BI would result in a powerful combination. See how simple it can be to connect SAP to Power BI, providing plenty of opportunities for your company.

We manage connection and authentication to both SAP and Power BI, we provide hassle-free integration of Power BI API to SAP by implementing our own interface, our connector helps you to start the integration process very easily as most of the work is already done.

We have a wide range of Power BI development Services on our own and our developers are already dealt with a number of sectors and many prominent brands, our services are client focused with utmost priority to your needs and that makes us your reliable software development partner.

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