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Microsoft Partnership

Sunflower Lab has achieved a significant milestone by becoming a recognized consulting partner by Microsoft and with Azure Databricks, a leading analytics and machine learning platform. This collaboration combines advanced analytics with Azure Power BI for data-driven decision-making, operational efficiency, and improved competitiveness, fueling business growth and success.

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Our Unparalleled Expertise in Data Modeling

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We have an expert team of Data Developers who ensure that your data is structured, optimized, and transformed into actionable insights. With our Power BI data modeling services, you can achieve the full potential of your data for informed decision-making and enhanced business performance.

Our Unparalleled Expertise in Data Modeling

We have an expert team of Data Developers who ensure that your data is structured, optimized, and transformed into actionable insights. With our Power BI data modeling services, you can achieve the full potential of your data for informed decision-making and enhanced business performance.

What is Data Modeling?

Data Modeling is an essential process in Power BI which deals with the structuring and organizing of your data in a way that makes it easy to understand, analyze, and utilize for informed decision-making. With Data Modeling, we transform raw data into well-organized models that businesses can leverage effectively. By using different kinds of visualizing elements like texts, symbols, tables, diagrams, and more, the data is sorted and structured in a useful format.

Power BI Data Modeling Services and Solutions

Transform your data into Data Modeling for effective reporting and analysis from various sources to make data-driven decisions.

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Data Modeling Consultation

Partner with us to receive expert guidance and tailored advice for creating data models that precisely suit your business objectives, while ensuring scalability and productivity.

Data analysis and preparation

Report Structure & Data Visualizations

Our data modeling service specializes in creating intuitive report layouts and impactful data visualizations, enhancing your data-driven decision-making.

Deep Learning Model Development

Custom Data Model Development

We develop unique data models perfectly aligned with your organization's distinct needs and diverse data sources, promoting agile and adaptive data management.

Data Model Optimization

Our Data Developers optimize existing data models to boost performance, minimize redundancy, and strengthen data integrity, ensuring your data works smarter, not harder.

Data Model Review and Auditing

Assess the quality, accuracy, and adherence to industry best practices in your current data models, enabling informed data-driven strategies.

ai integration and development

Data Model Integration

Integrate your data models with various business intelligence tools and platforms, enabling advanced data visualization, analysis, and actionable insights across your organization.

Data Management Made Easy with Data Modeling and Azure Power BI Solution

We made data management easy and simple for Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company by using Synapse Analytics to create a data pipeline to move data from on premise data server to data lake on schedule basis and then adopt that data in power BI dashboards. This Azure Power BI solution helped to easily access and manage data and make data-drive decisions.

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Request demo icon Case Study - Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company, LLC 

Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company, LLC
Amot - Sales OverView

Optimizing Manufacturing Operations through Power BI

Request demo icon Case study – AMOT – Top Valve Manufacturing Company 

Sunflower Lab partnered with AMOT to introduce a Power BI and Dynamics CRM-enhanced dashboard, enriched with Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) capabilities to empower them with real-time financial insights. This solution enabled AMOT’s team to effortlessly access and visualize critical financial data, including international bookings, revenue, inventory, backlog, and pipeline. Through digital transformation, AMOT improved operational efficiency and easily made data-driven business decisions.

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Fundamental Data Modeling Concepts to Enhance Data Management

Data modeling is a crucial aspect of data management that involves designing the structure, relationships, and constraints of data to ensure its accuracy, consistency, and usability. Here are some fundamental data modeling concepts to enhance data management.


Conceptual Data Modeling

In Conceptual Data Modeling, we craft high-level data structures aligning with your business goals, defining entities and relationships in collaboration with your stakeholders and expert data engineers.


Logical Data Modeling

Logical Data Modeling builds upon the conceptual model by specifying attributes and relationships within entities, serving as the technical foundation for decision-making, developed by data engineers, architects, and analysts.


Physical Data Modeling

Finally, our team of database administrators and developers brings your data model to life with tailored implementations, optimizing it for specific database tools and technologies, and facilitating seamless data distribution across your business systems.

Why choose Sunflower Lab for Power BI Data Modeling?

Choose Sunflower Lab not just for our dedication, but for the passion that drives our work. We have an expert team of Power BI developers who will provide you end-to-end support, from strategizing to deployment. We excel in seamlessly integrating data models with diverse business intelligence tools and platforms, empowering you to utilize the full potential of your data for informed decision-making.

  •  15+ years of Trust and Experience
  •  Customized Solutions for your Unique Needs
  •  Quality Assurance
  •  Ensuring Data Integrity
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Transform Healthcare with HIPAA-Compliant SaaS using Power BI & Dynamics CRM Integration

Sunflower Lab partnered with ZinniaX to develop a HIPAA-compliant digital solution, ZinniaX IONM, revolutionizing healthcare administration and intra-operative neurological monitoring with Power BI and Dynamics 365. This solution uses Power BI dashboards for claim management, patient history analysis, and streamlined EMR documentation, improving healthcare efficiency and precision.

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Request demo icon Case Study - ZinniaX IONM 

Hospital PO Requests

"Zinniax has dramatically improved the efficiency of our operations. Repetitive and time-consuming tasks that used to take up a significant portion of the team's workday are now handled seamlessly by the RPA system. This allows to redirect of resources and manpower toward more strategic and high-value tasks. Your team's support throughout the development and implementation process has been exceptional."

Gene Boucher 

Chief Operating Officer, Accurate Neuromonitoring

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Industry-Specific Power BI Data Modeling Use Cases

  • Customer Segmentation: Create data models to segment customers based on purchasing behavior and preferences, helping retailers target their marketing efforts more effectively.
  • Inventory Management: Develop models to optimize inventory levels, reduce carrying costs, and prevent stockouts by analyzing historical data and demand patterns.


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  • Risk Assessment: Build data models to assess credit risk, detect fraudulent transactions, and evaluate investment portfolios, enhancing risk management.
  • Financial Forecasting: Utilize data modeling to create accurate financial forecasts, budgeting, and scenario analysis for strategic financial planning.


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  • Patient Outcome Analysis: Develop data models to analyze patient data, clinical outcomes, and treatment effectiveness, aiding healthcare providers in improving patient care and outcomes.
  • Operational Efficiency: Optimize hospital resource allocation and staff scheduling through data modeling to ensure cost-effective operations.


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  • Quality Control: Implement data models to monitor product quality, detect defects, and reduce production errors, leading to improved product quality and cost savings.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Create models to optimize supply chain operations, minimizing lead times, reducing inventory costs, and enhancing production efficiency.


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  • Campaign Analysis: Use data modeling to analyze marketing campaign performance, customer engagement, and ROI, enabling marketers to fine-tune their strategies.
  • Customer Lifetime Value: Develop models to estimate customer lifetime value, aiding in customer acquisition and retention strategies.


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Visualization using Power BI

Real-time Visualization of Airport Traffic using Power BI

Request demo icon USE CASE – Tourism 

Heathrow Airport leverages Power BI to provide real-time visualization of airport traffic conditions, ensuring that employees stay well-informed about changing traffic patterns. Embracing Power BI has simplified data integration from a wide array of sources, enhancing overall airport operations for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

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Expertise and Excellence with Power BI Data Modeling


Data Documentation

Ensure a comprehensive record of data like data types and usage for informed decision-making.

Greater Accuracy

Collaboration Facilitation

Promote cross-functional teamwork for better data utilization between different teams.

Return On Investment 

Cost-Efficient Planning

Plan IT and process investments effectively to maximize resource allocation for improved efficiency.


KPI Alignment

Measure progress effectively by aligning key performance indicators with business objectives.

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Retail Performance Analytics

Enhancing Sales Perform Analysis in Retail Industry by Utilizing Power BI Data Modeling Solutions

Request demo icon USE CASE - Retail Industry 

Leverage Power BI data modeling to enhance sales performance analysis for a multi-store chain. By structuring data from various sources, calculating key metrics with DAX, and presenting insights through interactive visualizations, enable your retail chain to make data-driven decisions, resulting in improved inventory management, marketing strategies, and product offerings, ultimately boosting sales revenue and profitability.

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Connect your data from all the data sources and achieve insightful data analysis to transform your business.

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Our Power BI data modeling service offers a comprehensive range of features, including data import from various sources, data transformation and cleansing, creating relationships between data tables, defining custom calculations with DAX (Data Analysis Expressions), designing data hierarchies, optimizing data models for performance, and integrating data with interactive and insightful visualizations for enhanced data analysis.

Using Power BI’s data modeling service is a structured process. First, we import data from your chosen sources. Then, we transform and shape the data to meet your analytical needs. We create relationships between different data tables, ensuring data consistency. Finally, we design intuitive and interactive reports and dashboards using Power BI’s visualizations. These reports provide you with actionable insights, which you can use to make informed business decisions.

Creating a data model in Power BI involves several steps. We start by importing your data into Power BI Desktop. Then, we define relationships between tables by specifying primary keys and foreign keys. Next, we create calculated columns and measures using DAX to perform calculations and aggregations. Finally, we design visuals and reports that leverage the data model to visualize insights effectively.

Power BI data modeling empowers you to gain valuable business insights by transforming raw data into a structured, easy-to-understand format. With well-defined data models and interactive dashboards, you can analyze trends, identify patterns, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and make data-driven decisions. This enables you to optimize processes, improve efficiency, and ultimately drive business growth.

Power BI data modeling offers enhanced data accuracy, efficient analysis, and improved visualization, enabling data-driven decisions and process optimization. Its scalability and integration capabilities create a comprehensive data ecosystem, fostering collaboration and insights sharing across your organization, ultimately driving business success.

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