The Challenge

Initially, Storopack had worked with another local app development company to build their app. However, after months of struggle to overcome the technical and user experience challenges of the app, they were unable to do so. Thus, Storopack invited Sunflower Lab to redesign and rebuild the iOS app.

Sunflower Lab Team was given two months to deliver the solution. In the first meeting with StoroPack, Sunflower Lab identified the key challenges which included downloading files in offline mode, poor performance, deep navigation, content management complexity etc.

storopack Mobile App

The Solution

The original app used to halt the user flow to download content from CMS (content management system) application. But Sunflower Lab implemented asynchronous CMS content download ability and content caching which improved the app’s performance.

Original app had deep hierarchy navigation which made it difficult traversing through the app. Most of the content was not reachable within three taps. Sunflower Lab team redesigned the app considering core need of the users. Sunflower Lab also redesigned the dashboard to give app users quick access to product categories. Once the dashboard was redesigned, all the products became accessible within two taps. The app’s flat and always visible navigation bar largely improved navigation experience for app users.

Sunflower Lab team built custom content management application to manage all content for mobile apps. StoroPack administrators can now add or modify the product/material information, categories, pricing, videos, brochures etc. With just a single click of “publish” button, all the content can now be pushed to mobile app by the app administrators.


The Impact

StoroPack management loved the solutions created by Sunflower Lab team. The Sunflower Lab development team was able to successfully launch the app within 6 weeks even after facing timeline pressures and technical challenges. This app was made available to all StoroPack associates and employees in 14 countries across the world. All the StoroPack products,materials and information became a tap away for its users.

Download The App

Available in IOS and Android