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Ment – Airport Security at your fingertips

‘Ment – Airport App’ is now available on Apple App Store

August 4, 2017 – Available Today, The app ‘Ment – Airport App’ offers information about security queue of Airport.

Ment – Airport App Features

This is mobile platform app where you can get estimated wait time for your Airline at particular Terminal. You just have to select Airport and Airline, and there you go. Estimated Wait time will be available on your Screen. 

Ment – Know your wait time – It gives an estimated wait time for your security queue. So you can reach your airport earlier, We don’t want you to miss your flight 🙂

Use Ment before you leave for Airport

Handy Features,

  • Near by Airport Location
  • Airport Weather etc.

These small features help you to manage your flight timings. If you feel that Wait time is Incorrect than you can also share your wait time, then it will add up in our Live Data. So that other travelers can get more specific wait time. Share your Own Wait time through Social Login Feature.

  • Select your airport and flight
  • Get your estimated wait time
  • Share your wait time


Ment – Airport App Technical Working

The core part of an app is to Count Estimated wait time.

Data divided into two parts.

  • History Data
  • Live Peer Data

History Data (TSA Reported) – Time Reported by Airport Security Agents

Live Peer Data (Peer Reported) – Time Reported by Travelers

Counting final estimated time from History data and Live Data.


Ment – Airport App Release Update – Version 2.1 – August 4, 2017

“Ment – Airport App” is Now Available for iOS Devices. Go and Get from Apple Appstore

This is Just a Beta Version, and Its Limited to JFK(John F. Kennedy) International Airport Only.

Please visit Ment site for more Information.

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