Wearable App Development Company In Ohio

Sunflower Lab is leading wearable app development company in Columbus, provide best wearable app development services in Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland In Ohio. These are small powerful devices you can wear and use for multitasking at work. Rapid Mobile App Development gave birth to wearable application Development and we at Sunflower Lab connect these with your business. Wearable apps present growing opportunities, helping us explore uncharted territories in business, and outgrow our competitors. 

  • Customizable Wearable App Development
  • Apple Watch Wearable App Development
  • Android Watch Wearable App Development
  • Upgrading iOS and Android for Wearable Devices
  • Re-development for Compatibility
  • Application UI/UX Design and Development

Why are we called the “App Giant”?

Engineers at Sunflower Lab are always eager to work with the latest trends, and this motivation has led to years of experience. Wearable apps are on the rise and integrating your business with the latest technology will ensure you get the most out of it. By working with Sunflower, you’ll get:

  • Qualified wearable app developers
  • Android application developers for diverse industries and clients
  • Years of experience in iOS and Android app development
  • Latest technology and tools integrated with your business
  • iOS and Andriod apps for healthcare, transport, media, sports and more
  • Very transparent and honest policies with quality communication
  • Dedicated developers for your project
  • Secure and unique products
  • Agile working methods

Innovating wearable app development for industries

Did you know fitness trackers aren’t the only type of wearable apps? Progressing beyond the standards, we have expanded this technology to be usable for all types of industries and areas, including:

  • Sports: Fitness, assistance, timers, sensors, trackers
  • Communication: Messages and calls
  • Dieting: Calorie meter, calorie analysis, diet suggestions
  • Health and Wellness: Heart monitor, sleep track, wake-up track
  • Expenditure and Payment: Wireless payment track, credit check, expenditure check
  • Socializing and Interest: Connect interests, swap contacts, add people

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