Amazon Alexa Technologies are the next big thing for, well, everybody! From being the perfect office assistant to the classic electricity-conserving dad, Alexa technology is everywhere. Alexa is a very talented young… er, development… but is it always safe? In this article, you’ll learn about three ways to utilize Alexa technology, along with settings/functions put in place by Amazon to ensure information security and user comfortability. 

How Alexa Technology Works

Alexa is a voice-controlled virtual assistant artificial intelligence technology developed by Amazon. With its many sensitive microphones, it “wakes up” whenever the words “Alexa,” “O.K. Google,” and “Hey Siri” are spoken. The Alexa technology senses that it is being called to perform a task and “starts listening” to the user voice commands. The device gathers all voice commands and sends them to a natural voice recognition software system – an Amazon cloud service called Alexa Voice Service. It interprets the commands, executes the associated actions, and sends back an appropriate response to the user. For more on how Alexa technology works, click here.

Alexa Technology for Offices and Local Governments

With so much to do in so little time, office optimization may not be a priority. This sleek and smart device has the power to save you time, decrease expensive manpower, and cut utility costs with just a few words: “Hey Alexa…”.

  • Increase Safety: Utah was one of the first states to embrace Amazon Alexa to enhance government services, and in a very creative way to boot. The Beehive state is using the platform to educate residents practicing for their driver’s license exams. Alexa can quiz students on state driving rules using Utah’s award-winning innovation. 
  • Decrease Costs: No body, no benefits. This handy little desktop accessory can sync up your Google calendar, store your appointments, and remind you of the CFO’s wife’s name for the sixth time for a low one-time cost.
  • Safe Energy: Alexa can do everything from turn off lights to lowering the temperature on the thermostat when everyone’s out of the office.

For more on how Alexa technology helps local governments, click here

Safety Precaution: Slip up with some NSFW talk? Or maybe you want to make sure confidential information wasn’t recorded on your Alexa. You can view, hear, and delete your voice recordings at Alexa Privacy Settings or in the Alexa app at any time. To delete by voice, you can also say, “Alexa, delete what I just said” or “Alexa, delete everything I said today.”

Alexa At Home

Alexa technology at home allows you to order pizza, check the delivery status of your pizza, control the speed of your ceiling fan, and so much more from the comfort of your couch. Use simple voice commands to ask questions like, “Alexa, what is the temperature outside?” and “Alexa, what movies are playing in theaters now?” Internet of Things technology enables Alexa to make your home smarter and more automated by simplifying your everyday routines like turning on the lights, unplugging appliances, and setting the thermostat. New to smart home devices? Check out the set-up page.

Safety Precaution: Your home is a private place. If you’re not comfortable with an enabled camera in your house On Echo devices with a camera, you can turn the camera and microphones off with one press of a button. The built-in shutter allows you to easily cover the camera for additional peace of mind.

Alexa Technology For Real Estate

Residential Real Estate Council came to Sunflower Lab seeking an alternate way to help their users search for more than 28,000 Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Designees nationwide using natural language. Voice-enabled devices such as Alexa and Google Home will be inside nearly 70% of homes in the United States. This provided a huge market opportunity to build an application for voice-enabled devices. Thus, “Find a CRS” was born.

The search allows the users to find a CRS agent first by their location, then by their speciality, designation, certification, languages spoken by them etc. Depending on the number of results, the user has an option of either listening to profiles by Alexa reading it aloud or receive an email with more details, including contact information of the CRS agents. “Find a CRS” – Search of Top Real Estate Agents is available for Alexa and Google Home app. To read more about Alexa technologies for the real estate industry, click here

Safety Precaution: Are you interested in house-hunting, but not ready for your home to be publicly listed? All of your interactions with Alexa are encrypted in transit to Amazon’s cloud where they are securely stored.

The Power of Amazon Technology

Time and time again, Alexa technology has helped Sunflower Lab’s clients extend their product offerings, integrate information, and create workplace cohesion instantaneously, easily, and accurately. Not only do we offer step-by-step support along the way, but our services are backed by a rigorous training program and passionate designers and developers dedicated to unlocking new opportunities in innovative ways.

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