Alexa Paid Subscriptions

This year Amazon has made special focus on third party developers, the latest effort involving Alexa paid subscriptions. During this year Amazon is creating Alexa Dev Days, interactive events that will be traveling around the world, providing hands-on lessons in skills development. Also, back in April Amazon released high-performance processing technology to third party developers. But just this week multiple news sources report a new incentive for developers creating custom skills: paid subscriptions.

What is the subscription fee?

Amazon is offering a subscription fee as a tool to third party developers. They can use it when developing Alexa skills, not unlike AWS developer tools, which aids developers in coding and other services. It’s the first step towards skill monetization, and perhaps the first of more options to come. 

How it works

Developers can add a subscription fee to their Alexa skill, letting them receive direct revenue from their product. Only additional or new content will be allowed to have the subscription model; current free content will not be subjected to a paywall. Currently, Amazon is previewing this tool with Sony Picture Television’s Jeopardy! skill. Alexa users can upgrade to Double Jeopardy! gaining them 6 extra rounds for $1.99 per month.

The Double Jeopardy! a preview will determine further information. Other details have yet to be released, and it’s unknown when this tool will be offered to other developers. Amazon’s cut of the Alexa paid subscriptions, for example, hasn’t been addressed. It may release further details after experimenting the subscription model with Sony.

Why is this a huge step?

Beforehand, Amazon rewarded third party developers through two means: one being AWS promotional credit. Developers interested in availing Alexa paid subscriptions must apply for this benefit, which helps cover costs of eligible AWS developer tools and services after they publish their Alexa skill. The second is a monetary reward for top-performance skills. Amazon awards the sum to choice developers depending on attributes like ratings and number of downloads.

However, for the first time, developers have a chance to directly control the funds they receive from a skill.

As third party developers, you’ll get a chance to dictate a revenue stream through your Alexa skill. Alexa skills have grown in categories like entertainment, health & fitness and productivity. In particular, Alexa is becoming useful to business owners, no longer conforming the voice-controlled assistant to at-home consumers. Some of the benefits to businesses owners include:

  • Composing and sending emails only using your voice
  • Adjusting your calendar or scheduling new meetings
  • Tracking apps for inventory, expenses, etc.
  • Translation for multiple languages

Overall, Alexa helps integrate day-to-day business processes into a fluid workflow. So, what tasks of your daily routine can be optimized? Let Sunflower Lab help better your business! Contact us today for a free consultation.