Innovation Tech Summit Oct. 2017

A couple weeks ago, Sunflower Lab traveled to Cincinnati for this year’s Innovation Tech Summit, hosted by ComSpark. This was a two-day experience involving the best and bright tech companies, including startups, coming together to share their insights in innovation, technology, and business processes. ComSpark’s Tech Summit involved 50+ vendor and exhibitor booths, educational opportunities, and job fairs for the local schools. We got the chance to hear the latest going-ons from industry leaders and panels, and socialize with peers in the technological business sphere.

Right to left: Yash Patel (CTO), Marcia Maynard (Business Development Manager), and Ronak Patel (CEO). All rights reserved.


Sunflower Lab also contributed to the Rising Tech Star panel. Setup in a speed-dating like a format, honorary IT professionals chose a specific topic to share among groups and answer questions. After the time limit ended, the groups rotated and learn of a new topic. Sunflower Lab’s CEO Ronak Patel acted as moderator for this event.

comspark, innovation tech summit
Source: Sunflower Lab. All rights reserved.


During this week, we met also met with Share A.V.E. Sunflower Lab will be Share’s technology partner in creating an innovative solution for riding sharing in Columbus.



comspark, innovation tech summit



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