Our CTO Yash Patel was recently nominated as part of NYC’s 33 Under 33 Entrepreneurs in the Dev Shop category. The awards aim to recognize entrepreneurial developers in the New York area. Co-founder of the Sunflower Lab, Yash is the leader of the software engineers in our development team. He specializes in creating custom software solutions for clients in New York, New Jersey, and Ohio.

Yash’s philosophy is to work with the client to understand the nature of their business, then collaborate on creating solutions. The Sunflower Lab works twice as hard to understand the industry our client is working in, then using that knowledge for creative solutions to best assist their customer. With one of our clients, Vidapay, the development team had one member on site to work directly with the client in understanding the prepaid wireless market. The team has overhauled the web and mobile applications for services in a large vertical of industries including manufacturing, e-commerce, and education.

The Sunflower Lab continues to provide the industry standard in mobile and web development but also provides clients with a seamless transition to cloud technology. We have taken numerous legacy applications and upgraded them to cloud technology, offering a first class user experience for our clients’ audience. On our work done with Groove, CEO Daniel DeFranco noted, “Since we began our relationship with the Sunflower Lab, we have gone from a business to a machine.” The power of cloud computing is reshaping every industry and Sunflower Lab remains at the cutting edge of technological literacy.

At our core, the Sunflower Lab is a network of passionate software engineers, with the drive for creative solutions for any business problem. We aim for the highest quality in products and services for all our clients.

Learn more of Yash’s and the Sunflower Lab development team’s work here.

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