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Devops Services
Devops Services

What We Deliver

Sunflower Lab offers end-to-end DevOps services that enable swift, seamless software delivery cycles. Our team demolishes the barriers between Dev and Ops for tighter feedback loops, better scalability, and stronger security. From containerization to Cloud DevOps services, the Sunflower Lab team has the talent and drive to get the job done.

Microservice architecture-based application deployment

Kubernetes container orchestration service

Application deployment with docker

Continuous integration

Continuous delivery

Infrastructure automation with Infrastructure as a Code

Infrastructure design and implementation

Cloud migration

Cost management and optimization

Security at code level with code quality scanning

Security at deployment level, image scanning

Monitoring, health checks and Alerting


Technical Services

Our tech veterans are savvy in the art of software simplification. They have years of experience bridging the gap between Dev and Ops using the world’s leading tech concepts. Our DevOps technical services are proven to help you build better software faster.

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Benefits of DevOps Services fromSunflower Lab

Our team of DevOps engineers drives digital transformation within your organization by empowering, leading, and accelerating a wide range of benefits.


Deliver Faster To Market


Improve Governance and Security


Implement Robust CI/CD Piplines


Accelerate Cloud Adoption





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Frequently Asked Questions

DevOps is the combination of people, process, and technology to quickly and efficiently deliver highvalue applications and services to customers.

Typical apps take 3-4 months to complete from inception to deployment. More complex projects
require more time. However, each application timeline is different. We draw up an individualized scope
of work for each client that includes a project timeline.

Mobile apps typically cost between $35,000-$50,000. This, of course, depends on implementation process, design,
architectures, timeline, complexity (higher complexity = higher price), features, app testing, and other factors.
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Our clients own 100% of the source code, intellectual property, and infrastructure of their