I recently chatted with Eric Dye on Enterprise Radio, presented by the Enterprise Podcast Network, about how Sunflower Lab, a custom softwaer develoment company, transforms companies through digital solutions.

If you’re considering building—or currently are building—a SaaS application or a custom CRM application, this podcast is a must-listen. You’ll get some real-deal keys to success that I had to learn the hard way.

Listen to the podcast below, and for those who like to cheat a bit and browse ahead, check out our show notes.

Here are some highlights from the show:

Show Notes:

  • :52 — Why did you start Sunflower Lab?
  • 2:35 — How Sunflower Lab creates impact for its customers
  • 5:17 — Ronak predicts technologies that’ll be making a big impact in the next five years
  • 7:03 — The key to building a successful SaaS application
  • 10:59 — Why companies should build custom CRM applications

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