Create A Winning Product + Brand Loyalty

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A win-win product is part of your brand image, the cornerstone of your company’s reputation, and the foundation of a customer’s brand loyalty. At Sunflower Lab we aim to ensure that you get the most profit from testing. Have a product in mind? Let’s hear about it!

Create A Winning Product + Brand Loyalty

A win-win product is part of your brand image, the cornerstone of your company’s reputation, and the foundation of a customer’s brand loyalty. At Sunflower Lab we aim to ensure that you get the most profit from testing. Have a product in mind? Let’s hear about it!

Cypress Testing

These QA automation testing services include multi-platform & regression testing with increased coverage; while being faster & cost-effective.

Regression & Security Testing

Identifies vulnerabilities & risks in the application, ensuring that it is secure, protected from cyber threats have not introduced any new defects or issues. 

Selenium Testing Services

Automate end-to-end tests for web applications. Interactive debugging, automatic waiting, and built-in test retries. to make test creation & execution easier

Performance Testing Services

Automation testing companies also include performance testing as it not only ensures better application performance but also scalability & reliability.

API Testing Services

Software automation services can not only ensure security but also improve functionality & overall user experience.

Functional Testing Services

Software automation companies focus on checking whether all functional requirements are met as this impact's quality, reliability, & experience.

Assuring Users the Best Value Antiques & Collectibles On The Go Through Visual Search

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Improving the collector and reseller experience through interactive search features so that buying & selling become smarter! On the go features for identifying and authenticating as well as visual search ensure users get the best value all the time!

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Rev-Up Your App With QA Automation Testing Services

Test Reporting & Analysis

Automation testing companies work on analytics which helps in improved user experience as well as functionality.

Performance Testing

Software testing automation can gauge scalability & test your product for its ability to handle high traffic & usage.

Test Automation Frameworks

QA automation services need frameworks so that testing is structured & customized as per the client’s needs.

Script Creation

Software testing services rely on automation for test tasks like functional, load & regression testing for accuracy & consistency.

Cross Browser Testing

Test case management is essential for smooth functioning regardless of the platform or device being used.

Integration & Delivery

Software automation companies ensure integration of CI & CD throughout the software development lifecycle for reduced downtime & errors.

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QA Automation Testing Industry-Wise Advantages

Clients usually approach Sunflower Lab either with innovative ideas or a need to scale or improve efficiency. This has helped our expert team become versatile in several industries.

QA automation testing services are as relevant to mobile applications as they are to web-based ones as it proves to be integral to proper software development. Not only does testing boost efficiency and accuracy but also reduces costs as errors can be spotted earlier on preventing them from getting more complex to resolve. Automation implies the absence of the need for human intervention which further makes the time and effort in the task significantly lower while not changing the positivity of the results. Bugs and glitches are a developer’s nightmare; thus, the elimination of possible human error is a necessity.

Through automation testing services the costs of manual testing can be avoided while the process will be speeded up & more accurate in the bargain. The development cycle is beneficial as developers spot issues earlier. This improves the overall quality and user experience of the software.


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Quality is paramount to gaming applications and so software testing services are irreplaceable. The best part of this is that instead of increasing development time this lessens it while at the same time increasing performance and hence, user experience. Apart from these basic benefits, automation testing services also:

  • Improve & check the smooth functioning of the games across platforms or devices so that players are treated to a consistent performance.
  • Stability, security, and smooth interface are also checked so that there are no performance-related hang-ups while being safe for users.
  • Frequent releases and updates are also automatically taken care of.
  • Because testing is faster and more accurate issues can be identified and fixed faster which ultimately reduces time and effort.


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The healthcare industry depends upon accuracy and so product owners rely on QA automation services for the maintenance of security, accuracy as well as compliance. Functionality is integral and is juxtaposed with large volumes of data from medical device integration, treatment plans, and patient data-related management. Privacy of data has gradually become more paramount and to comply with the same along with various healthcare regulations, QA automation services can be tapped into.

Security threats are also identified with structured testing as possible vulnerable points are spotted to improve integrity. Since the testing speed is faster, issues are tackled quickly. Patient outcomes can be improved as the risk of errors is reduced.


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Software testing services can improve the accuracy, security, and efficiency of financial applications as errors and finance don’t mix. Testing can improve the working of payment processing, banking, and trading applications. Testing improves compliance with industry and financial standards while at the same time ensuring the protection of customer data privacy. Afterall, security and privacy cannot be understated in financial applications.

Software testing automation reduces vulnerabilities that can expose users to cyber attackers by identifying them faster. This ensures applications are error-free and will not unintentionally lead to financial losses. By identifying vulnerabilities users are protected and possible crime or integrity breaches are prevented.


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Automation testing companies improve user experience due to better accuracy and efficiency in the running of the application. E-commerce applications face high traffic and complex data loads due to order processing, inventory management, and payment gateways. Apart from the functionality user experience can also be monitored as page loading-related speeds can be improved as well as responsiveness. This will make the shopping experience better and attract more users to the application as ease of access cannot be underrated.

Automation testing services will therefore aid in making the application more accurate as well as faster. Also, an e-commerce platform can suffer a loss of reputation as well as revenue if users face any issues. Privacy is another point as customer data should not be breached and payment processes should be glitch free.


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Software automation services enhance the working of software applications and thus, they work in any industry that requires the use of software-related applications. Bugs and issues can be fixed faster before they gain complexity and thus, there is no compromise on the accuracy, quality, or efficiency of the product. Ultimately, product owners need a speeded-up to-market time without compromising quality. When software releases are quicker customer satisfaction also increases in turn.

A QA automation company along with structured testing needs to ensure compliance and the protection of privacy and data that is sensitive. While manual testing can be more expensive and labor intensive, an automated approach is quicker while being cost-effective. Thus, transportation, education, and entertainment industries among others can be made more efficient thus making the user’s experience better.


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Revolutionizing Field Agent Productivity While Improving Customer Solar Investment

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QE Solar required a digital solution that you provide field agents with an on-the-job digital tool to improve customer solar investment. The mobile and web application has innovative features like analysis that field agents can use during the Pre-Job Safety Meeting.

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Expert Automation Testing Services

Our clients come to us for digital solutions, be it scalability, effectiveness or making an innovative idea a tangible product. And we are with them 100% throughout their digital transformation.


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Why QA Automation Testing Services Equal To Profit

Software testing automation has an edge over manual testing in several ways, the greatest factors for a business being, time, quality, and cost. Automation creates a structured testing framework that is free from human error and also faster and more efficient. Testing is a time-consuming process and so by automation there are considerable man-hours shelled off.

Furthermore, automated testing is better at spotting bugs earlier on in the development cycle. This is helpful to developers as during the development stages it is easier to sort things out than make complex changes later. Also, it would cost time and revenue if there are application glitches post-deployment. With the development cycle speeded up the time to market is also reduced significantly; and that too without cutting corners. The identification of problem areas or those that need attention at an early stage will also help the product owner and developers allocate their time more effectively & efficiently.

Automation testing services can improve application functioning and user experience across platforms by testing, analyzing, and tweaking the same. By monitoring application performance over multiple platforms, users will have a more consistent experience. By frequent testing on a variety of platforms and devices, problem areas can be spotted so that performance is made repeatably consistent.

When compatibility issues are spotted early on they can be more easily tackled. Thus, the development cycle is made more effective through proper testing. Also, compatibility issues can affect users and are better handled and taken care of during the development cycle before they actually get to impact the user’s experience of the application. Multi-platform compatibility has now become a given with users expecting a seamless experience wherever and whenever they use an application which makes compatibility paramount.

Software automation services bring in structured testing of the product from the development stage. Manual testing thus pales by comparison as it is neither as fast nor as efficient as the former. When bugs are found in the development stage, for instance, they can be tackled without making major modifications. Also, having spotted such errors helps the development team be more aware of what are the potential problem areas. If a glitch is not spotted and ends up impacting the user there is an automatic belief instilled in the user’s mind that the product lacks quality, and this is detrimental to business.

Also, if the application deals with sensitive or financial data the loss can equate to more than mere reputation. There can be legal ramifications as well if one considers data privacy-related regulations like the GDPR that can enforce fines. Therefore, thorough and consistent testing cannot be underestimated. Through automation the chances of human error are reduced, and consistency of the application is enhanced. This helps in making the product higher in quality due to the absence of overlooked bugs or issues.

Software testing services aren’t merely based on quality parameters as they check the functionality of applications as well. Furthermore, compatibility to regulatory guidelines is dynamic. Through automation remaining compliant is easier as testing is automated and so compliance parameters can be kept in check.

Automation testing improves efficiency because it allows changes to take place in the development stage. Your product also will meet the regulatory requirements of GDPR, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA. Compliance issues are best rectified during development so that your application is the best version of its when it is released.

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