Sunflower Lab is your partner in agile software development for any display and platform. We solve the business problem with innovative ideas and proven development practices. We are excited to announce that Sunflower Lab has achieved a notable accolade. Clutch has identified Sunflower Lab as a leading developer in New York out of the thousands of companies on their site.

NYC Leading Developer by Clutch

A B2B market research firm, Clutch is based in Washington D.C. Their mission is to connect service providers and buyers through data and verified research. Central to their process is client reviews. In their unique process, analysts have spoken directly with many of our clients and learned more about the services we provided, as well as technological capabilities, results, and business acumen. With 20 reviews and an overall 4.8 rating, we’ve seen strong results from Clutch’s extensive research process. Our clients’ participation made this award possible, and we want to thank them for their time and honest feedback. Below is one of several succinct summaries of our reviews, allowing buyers to understand the project and clients’ experience in a quick glance.

In addition to the clients’ reviews, Sunflower lab was evaluated based on a holistic set of criteria, including our thought leadership, types of clientele, work portfolio, and especially our expertise. With 40+ people across two continents, our development skills are vast and diverse. We pride ourselves on being one of New York’s top, cutting edge mobile app development companies, as well as for our ability to produce functional web and software applications.

The versatility and breadth of our technology skillset are also demonstrated by our presence on Clutch’s sister websites –  The Manifest and Visual Objects. The former publishes how-to and state of tech news for the purposes of helping businesses grow and meet their challenges. We’re listed on one of The Manifest’s top company lists as a leading ios developer. On the other side, Visual Objects helps a prospective client visualize the possibilities of creative, design, and app development projects.

“Receiving recognition and winning awards means that Sunflower Lab has an obligation to continue building great software to build a better future,” said Ronak Patel. “It is an award to our teamwork, challenging status-quo thinking, high-quality standards, and incredible execution.  We cannot wait to continue to work with Clutch in the future!

One of Clutch’s analysts’ wrote an article on why reviews are not optional in 2019. We agree. Reviews are central in a market economy run by the consumer. Our company is eager to leverage these reviews to continue improving our services for our clients. Contact us today for a quick chat about how we can develop a partnership and a solution for your business growth.

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