The Clutch 1000

As we approach the end of the year, we’re excited to announce our inclusion in the 2018 “Clutch 1000”. Just like this recent study by MOZ, we know that reviews are an important part of our digital presence. That’s why our Clutch profile has 20 helpful reviews. We’ve been collecting Clutch reviews since 2016 and our client feedback has held steady with quality reviews. Take a quote from our first review on Clutch’s platform. They said,

“They [Sunflower Lab are] … affecting our processes and giving us ideas as to how we could work better.”

Another review we collected in 2016 was a 5/5 star review and the reviewer noted,

“For them [Sunflower], it’s [about] getting things out the door on time, even with strict deadlines.”

Now let’s jump to 2017 reviews and you’ll see we still deliver stellar services for our clients. One 5/5 star review noted,

“A lot of the functions that we were trying to achieve worked better than I expected for the first phase.”

Going further, in 2018, our reviews were just as impressive from our clients. One reviewer noted,

“I’ve spent 5–6 years … looking for a good developer—I finally found them in Sunflower Labs.”

So, there you have it, three years of stellar reviews on Clutch. These reviews landed us as a prestigious business listed on Clutch’s global mobile app development companies directory. We also were named a Clutch 1000 company – a list of the companies on Clutch with the very best client feedback and a number of reviews.

We’d like to thank our clients, the analysts at Clutch that collect clients’ feedback, and of course our employees. Here is to another year of collecting quality reviews and delivering the best technology solutions. Contact us now for help with your app in 2019!

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