In recent years, voicebots applications have become a popular concept in the business industry. The idea of using a microphone to give instructions rather than words use to be science fiction, but it has become a reality. Every business from doctors to writers are making use of a voicebot application to save time and complete bigger tasks quickly.

Voicebot utilities can be a great way to stay ahead of your competition, instead of using applications manually, you just have to speak in a microphone and tasks that take hours can be done within minutes. Think how easy it will be to do email marketing and content marketing, just by sitting at one place. A voicebot application can help you send summaries, follow-up meetings, and share files just by voice commands. You can ask bot how our business did last month and you will get full market analysis. These bots can help you move ahead of your competition, let’s find out how.


Making your office smarter

An officer worker can type between 50 to 70 words per minute, but with the help of bots, staff can handle 120 words per minute 99% accuracy. Office work can become smarter, you can do editing and create documents, reports, and memos with double speed. This will not only save time but also will increase your productivity giving you an edge over your rivals.

Reducing error percentage

When you move to voice bots, the accuracy of your business increases significantly and error percentage is reduced by 80. Voicebots remove distractions caused by scanners, paper lists, and phone calls. Business will have the single point of contact and work can be more flexible. Even if there are errors they can be handled on time with the help of voice command.

Training new employees and Satisfaction

It takes time for new employees to understand the paperwork<span, but with the help of voicebot employees can be trained within a day. This will also help you take benefit out of your employees in less than a week. This can be very helpful for areas where a large number of people work temporarily. Reducing the training time can save money. Employee satisfaction is important for a business, and working on a voicebot can reduce work stress and help staff focus on work.

Multitasking and flexibility in business

People these days don’t have time to read everything to find the right information. Having a voicebot can reduce the time and help employees to multitask at work. Instead of reading content to find the information they can do other office work. With the help of multiple devices available such as tablets and smartphones, employees will have the opportunity to read the content on the go. People who have difficulty concentrating or finding information on the internet will have enough time to spare.

Making corporate technology friendly

A voicebot can not only be used for managing customers in a call center, it can also be used in logistical and industrial processes as well. As the technology is growing fast, access to information can be a great help to companies for making decisions on the go. Corporate business can coordinate with each other in a natural and fluid environment. Staff can tell the computer to gather information and track behavior of the market and share it on different locations at a time. Quick insights into business can help make decisions on time to satisfy customers.

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