Web Application Development Company In New York

Turning complex business problems into beautiful software solutions with custom web applications.


Web Application Development Company In New York

Sunflower Lab is leading custom web application Development Company in New York. Started on Sunflower Road in New Jersey over 10 years ago, Sunflower Lab saw an opportunity to create products that help companies transform how they do business. With over 75 talented engineers and designers, we help growing startups and global brands build innovative, beautiful custom web developments. Sunflower Lab makes better technology today for an organization’s tomorrow.

Sunflower Lab is at the forefront of New York’s web app development sector because of our expertise and dedication to success. We are your go-to team for designing, developing, and marketing web apps across multiple platforms. From concept to deployment, Sunflower Lab is here to guide you every step of the way.

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What Sunflower Lab’s Web Apps Can Do For You

Frustrated with your CRM system? Need a more user-friendly dashboard for your employees? Does your internal software infrastructure need a facelift? Never fear, Sunflower Lab is here. Our award-winning web applications are a fast and affordable way to keep your employees organized and up-to-date on all internal matters. Our clients throughout New York and beyond are solving issues and yielding higher productivity by using Sunflower Lab software development services. No more dropped leads, no more download discrepancies with your not-so-tech-savvy workers, and no more missed internal messages.

A Reputation Built on Results

With a rigorous training program for our personnel and over 10 years of experience designing custom web applications and robust frameworks, Sunflower Lab consistently delivers high-quality custom web applications and service to our clients. How do we know that? Why, because of our customer satisfaction rate of 96%, of course! Businesses in a variety of industries—manufacturing, healthcare, universities, government, and more—have sought the accomplished team of developers and designers at Sunflower Lab to help improve systemic functionality, enhance efficiency, and boost internal communication.

Award-Winning Products Mean Award-Winning Operations

Recognized by GoodFirms as one of the top app development companies in New York in 2021, we are humbled by the accolades our digital products have received. We’ve also gotten a nod from TopDevelopers.co, Mobile App Daily, and Clutch for our exceptional app development services. But as proud as we are of our hard-earned awards, seeing our clients flourish through beautiful and usable custom web applications is the most rewarding. Companies like Nationwide Insurance, Groove, and Press Sports have discovered the power of custom web apps. Who wants to join in on the win-win?

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Why You Need Sunflower Lab In Your Life

At this point, you’re sold on web apps and know the level of dedication Sunflower Lab puts into every project. The only thing left to do is wow you with our process. We begin with a discovery phase where we take the time to listen to our clients’ problems and needs, then turn their dream software solution into a reality. Next, we focus on making the product as user-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing as possibly through a process of testing and perfecting.

To make sure the web app is right for our clients, we introduce a prototype to the company to help gauge which features should stay and which should be reconsidered. Lastly, we deliver the finished product. But we never settle at Sunflower Lab, so we constantly tweak and refine our products to ensure our clients are always getting the best app possible. This process has been proven through over 200 completed projects and dozens of satisfied customers.


Here’s how we do it:


Design and Prototype

Our design and product teams work with you and your stakeholders to understand needs and critical features. We then brainstorm with our in-house developers and create a prototype application that brings your ideas to life.


Build and Test

Once the prototype design has been finalized, our team will begin building the app. When the web app has been developed, we test it under various conditions and resolve any edge case issues.



Once testing is complete, we launch the web app! We can deploy it either internally (e.g. Enterprise App) or publish to a public domain.


Measure and Market

With the web app released to production, we measure the customer experience, usage, market penetration, and application performance through various analytical tools.

Rubix Solutions

We’ve Got Bad News and Good News

We hate to be the ones to tell you this, but your workflow management needs some work. This is your sign to put your store-bought solution back in its box and get Sunflower Lab on your team to build you a custom application to suit your business’s particular needs. This is a fast and affordable way to keep your employees organized and up-to-date on all internal matters. No more dropped leads, no more download discrepancies with your not-so-tech-savvy workers, and no more missed internal messages.

Let's Team Up

Sunflower Lab is a premier mobile development company with over a decade worth of experience in solving complex problems. We believe quality spearheads value, nurtures customer satisfaction, and best serves our clients’ needs. Though workflow management issues can seem daunting or even of low priority, a well-oiled machine is nothing to neglect. With Sunflower Lab in your corner, we can build you a sturdy web solution that’ll improve efficiency, increase productivity, and help you sleep at night knowing you’re revolutionizing the way you do business.

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Our team of experts will review your project and give you a quote at no cost.

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Common Questions for Web App Development Companies

Push Notifications allow you to proactively communicate with your end-users. For example, you can notify your fulfillment team of new orders or low inventory. Or, you can alert your IT team to any systems-related issues.

Yes! In fact, we work with a lot of manufacturing companies. For example, Vishay Intertechnology engaged with Sunflower Lab to design, develop, and deliver their workflow management application. The software is used to optimize tasks that were previously completed manually, such as: creation and approval of purchase orders (PO), inventory management, report creation pre- and post-testing of a component, as well as tracking the test time and test completion time of a component by their customers etc.

Read about this project here.

There has always been an eternal debate on build vs. buy custom software. It still exists. Companies at times get confused whether to build custom software or buy pre-built software. Neither of them is bad. But, it depends on various factors which will determine whether to build custom software or buy pre-built software (off-the-shelf software) from the market.

Most organizations have an architecture model in which the outputs generated by a particular process (software app or module) function as an input for another process. A smooth flow of information is vital while streamlining your business model. Using different “packaged” software for different processes can disrupt your data flow since a hybrid software infrastructure often has to depend upon third party gadgets and apps to facilitate the communication between varied processes and systems. Building a custom software environment can resolve many types of issues concerning the flow of information between successive processes.

It’s good to be concerned. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. For B2B and B2C companies, data access and security concerns affect many end-users in the market today. People transacting online want to ensure their transactions are safe and secure at all times. Supporting expensive security protocols can make you pass on added costs to the services you offer to your customers. This can make you lose your competitive edge in the market. Moreover, the flow of data within internal processes of the organization also needs to be regulated by implementing strict security standards. With customized software development, you have the power to decide which data-security technology or protocol is ideally suited for your business and integrate that in your software.

No matter who you build your web application with, you should be able to trust their expertise and engage in open dialogue about expectations. We like to think we’re pretty good at this. But don’t take our word for it. Our 95% customer satisfaction rate speaks for itself. From technical know-how to business acumen, we’ve got the team that will help bring your Web App dreams into reality.