The Standard of websites has become extraordinarily disappointing, which is why sunflower lab’s web design in Columbus, Ohio has started to lift logic in it. SEO and Web design are often considered as separate entities, but the reality is that SEO inspired design distinguishes a website from others. Google is a billion dollar market and if your website is not targeting this search engine then you are delaying your success.

Google’s Artificial Intelligence algorithm filters various things in order to rank web pages. It is a research directory where we find answers to our questions. Google wants people to get the best possible answers so it keeps filtering and bringing new websites in its top pages.

In the last six years, Google bought a number of companies that specialize in artificial intelligence, including DeepMind which Google bought in the year 2014 for over $400 million. Looking at how Google is moving forward to perfect its search engine, web design will definitely be the center of attraction in the future.


Web Design In Future

Google measures several elements of a web page, but it doesn’t measure overall quality at once. Google can’t tell if your website is great or trash. Google uses feedback of users, how often they move to other pages and more. This data is used by the artificially intelligent system that decides to rank.

A good website attracts users and encourages them to navigate to other pages, this reduces bounce rate and audience shares the page. Google’s artificial intelligent analyze these things from various angles to decide its ranking.

It’s just a matter of time before Google’s robot will be able to make a judgment on how beautiful websites are and how much relevant content they have. When this happens, it will change followings:

  • Websites having good design will get a boost after going live.
  • Instead of relying on ALT tags, bot will make decisions based on actual images.
  • ALT tags will be descriptive rather than just use for SEO purpose
  • Google may put a penalty on websites that are misleading and have deceptive images.
  • Google may introduce features such as “shop via image”, where you upload an image of a product and Google gives you a list of shops to buy from.


Web Design in 2017

Google already know whether a website is mobile friendly or not, and those sites which are responsive get priority. Google already announced that they will index both desktop and mobile version in 2017, which means responsive websites will get a boost.

According to statistics, 50% of traffic comes from mobile users, which means if your website is not responsive, it’s a huge disadvantage. It was announced in January 2017 that Google will penalize websites that have pop-ups. This will affect sites that have interstitial, but pop-ups that display cookies and age restriction may not be affected.

Many websites use pop-ups for newsletter, emails, or subscriptions, and if your website uses these then you might want to change it for better SEO in 2017.


There are several aspects that Google measures directly or indirectly to rank your website.

Using videos and Images on your site

As per a study conducted by Backlinko, websites with images and videos rank better than those without visual elements.

Speed of Site

Google will penalize your website if it is slow. Faster is better for your users so your web design experts should keep this in consideration. A website can be improved by:

  • Reducing the size of images before putting them. Many sites use Html and CSS to resize, it means that an image of 1000px x 1000px may appear as 300px x 300px. Reducing size will reduce download speed.
  • Compress CSS and images
  • Remove unwanted code
  • Not too many advertisements
  • Using better host

Flash Web Pages

Flash is not suitable for Apple devices and very difficult for Google to index so it is better to avoid flash websites. You can use JavaScript, HTML5, or Gif to create similar effects.

Friendly Linking system

Same as Backlinks, which play an important role, your internal links or footer menu also helps in SEO. It is not good to think that your main page is separate and only for the search engine. Include it in the overall website linking so that the most important page is most linked. As per Google guidelines, websites with more links to contact and about page are liked by users.

Content strategy

When your website loads for the first time, content that is immediately available is valued most. Website with adverts on the homepage is penalized, particularly those which prioritize advertisement over content. This is also true for sites that prioritize Google AdSense.

Hidden or bad Text on your website

Google want text on your website to be clearly visible. There shouldn’t be hidden links, only a few words of text or too small or hidden, Google can penalize your website for these things.

Google’s intelligent bots are designed to find better text and give value based on it, websites that are easy to read always get more importance. To make this possible:

  • You can use a 16px size of the font
  • There should be a contrast between background and font color
  • There should be many white spaces

There are some elements that are more important than others for better SEO. When a website is designed, it is important to keep these in consideration. Things like:

  • Main menu
  • H1 title on every web page
  • Enough design for writers to write fresh content on each page
  • Links on footer
  • Navigation and other important options

Keep in consideration that most important keywords on your pages should appear at least once or twice. This will help users to find out what your website is about, and putting keywords in right density is effective.


Contact Sunflower Lab

Good content and quality backlinks are always important for SEO, but an inspirational web design is also essential. This not only helps in ranking but also increases conversation rate on your website. It can improve your position on Google and other search engines.

As Google is getting better, 2017-2018 is definitely the year when you start thinking about the design. Sunflower Lab’s web design services in Columbus, Ohio are just the thing that can help you improve your ranking. There are many advantages of inspirational design and making graphics part of your SEO will definitely help.