Digital Solution for Dance Event Management

Groove, inspired by passion, targets organizing dance competitions in the US. Over time, it envisioned its requirement to automate activities and simplify its online presence. There was a dire need to adapt to business management software/ERP systems to pool in all the operations and minimize manual intervention. To smoothen its operations, it reached out to Sunflower Lab to develop a suite of software that would aid it in lowering overhead and speeding up the registration process for event organization, judge portal, and other tailored apps. Sunflower Labs came up with a well-curated website, registration portal, studio portal, scoring system, and judge software minimizing manual tasks. This helped Groove expedite its operations and have an astounding online presence making it easier for stakeholders viz. participants, Groove employees, and judges to update their status and be close-knit.


– Discovery Design – UI/UX Product Development


– Web

– Cloud

– Windows Application



– N-Tier architecture


– Dropbox APIs

– Card Connect Payment

Technologies & Integration

– ASP.Net

– .Net Core

– C#

– AngularJS

– Angular 9

– Windows Application


– jQuery



– Entity Framework

Suite of ERP Software for Event Management

There were several bottlenecks that were impeding the operations of Groove thus making the event management cumbersome. The data volume was huge and there wasn’t an integration with a cloud storage server for its management. The expected automation of activities and online presence was missing thus driving a suspended operation system. This led to a lack of communication and making announcements and reaching out to potential stakeholders was missing. Therefore, Groove looked out for a potential technology partner who could bring in cutting-edge technology via ERP system and address its pain points with the latest in buzz.

Groove Dance Competition
Groove Dance Competition

Fully Functional Event Management Website Design for Groove

Sunflower Lab designed a scalable, dynamic, and mobile-optimized website for Groove that enabled the participants and end-users to be updated about upcoming events, competition details, registration information, and other essential resources. The website provides a user-friendly interface, enabling participants, studios, and other stakeholders to easily navigate and access relevant information. It’s designed responsively with the latest tools and technologies using an intuitive interface for navigation of pages.

Manage Registrations Seamlessly in a Responsive Portal UI

The registration portal was planned to design an event registration management system where the participants and admins could register and manage their schedules for the dance event. This portal surfaced visibility to create new events, user management, HR management, studio management, event schedules, and multiple more features that streamlined participation insights. This enabled the studio administrators to manage their dance teams, increase awareness among the participants, and facilitate them to make informed decisions by viewing the statistics.

Manage Profile in Online Studio Portal

A targeted studio portal was designed by Sunflower Lab for the dancing event participants and admins to flawlessly log in and manage profiles. This enabled the participants to register for upcoming events, make payments, view the results of past registered events, and manage loyalty rewards. It automated the process with online presence thus patting the gap to manage the registration and viewing process manually. Event managers and participants could collaborate on the portal and organize processes in a streamlined manner.

Groove Dance Competition

Smooth Scoring of Participants in an Online Presence

A scoring system was designed to rate the participants online without indulging in any manual process. The judges were safeguarded from paperwork and eased into the web application with an app that enlightened a live performance dashboard using entry schedules of the dance event participants. Judges’ break was incorporated into the schedule along with online streaming of the participation. With this, there was real-time scoring and awards management providing insight into the award ceremony and the ability to export reports of the event.

Judging the Performance of Dance Event Participants

Sunflower Lab designed a Windows desktop application for the judges to evaluate dancing performances. Judges could rate current performing entries along with the video/audio recordings of performances. The software was designed in an intuitive and responsive UI that enabled the judges to score and rank the dancing entries efficiently.  In case there was an emergency judge break it could be incorporated with the software. The score was calculated accurately, and the award ceremony was managed effectively.

groov dance

Responsive Suite of Software for Event Management

A comprehensive range of software was designed for dance event management which amalgamated a range of features viz. real-time updates of participant entry, music for performance, scoring via judges, and schedule changes. This increased the efficiency and operability of the event with digital solutions. The manual intervention was eliminated, and event organization was procured with increased accuracy and effectiveness in product automation.

Several collaborators could hoard the software for registration, music entry, live scoring, event updates, judges’ management, and more for increased satisfaction and united alliance. This led to an efficient system that minimized errors and resulted in a consistent experience for all the stakeholders. The software helped in having a time-consuming and cost-effective system for overall concert management.

Reaching A Reservoir of Integrated Solutions by Stakeholders

Daniel DeFranco_EO, Groove Dance Competition

“Sunflower Lab was initially tasked with developing a mobile app, then became a full-fledged partner, replacing the client’s patchwork of management systems with bespoke Sunflower solutions.“

Daniel DeFranco

Chief Executive Officer, Groove Productions LLC

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