The Challenge

Gordon Food Service initiated Strategic Bid Application project to re-write the presentation layer with additional functionality. More business requirements and complexity have been discovered within the UI of the legacy presentation layer. This was leading to additional effort to untangle or reverse-engineer the requirements from legacy application UI layer. The timeline was a big challenge and business had less than 6 Months to roll out this application.

GFS Bidding

The Solution

Sunflower Lab team worked with Gordon Food Service to identify the priority of different modules like bidding, price and price strategy, customer setup, and competitiveness in the application.

Sunflower Lab team has taken an approach of delivering one module at a time. The team carried out unit tests and integration tests cases during the development process. This automation test-suite helped in reducing testing time and thus the application was launched within the allocated time.

GFS Customer Setup
GFS Delivery

The Impact

Sunflower Lab team delighted Gordon Food Service management by building high quality software well before the decided time frame. Sunflower Lab team’s best engineering practices and unique approach to problem solving made this application launch possible within its estimated launch date.

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