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Nationwide a Fortune 100 company based in Columbus, ohio, is one of the largest and strongest diversified insurance and financial services organization in the United States.

In course of its dealings with clients it found that most severe injuries and trauma to the head and brain could be prevented through simple safety precautions.

In order to create a safer tomorrow for our children, Sunflower Lab partnered with Nationwide to create a digital solution that would educate parents on bike helmet safety. This app includes pointers like how to choose, fit and adjust a child’s helmet.
So, do you make safe happen?


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– iOS Application

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Nationwide Insurance wants to
save children from such accidents and severe injuries.

So, they reached out to us at Sunflower Lab to build a mobile app that can be used for creating awareness amongst parents about the benefits of wearing helmet and bike safety.

Nationwide’s “The Make Safe Happen” app demonstrates how to choose & fit a child’s helmet. With this app, the parents can now easily understand how the straps should form a “V” below the ear while fitting the helmet on their child’s head. And, the chin strap should be buckled around the jaw while the helmet sits flat on the top of a child’s head.

“The Make Safe Happen”
App Was Created

Sunflower Lab has helped Nationwide in creating a digital platform. Through this platform Nationwide wishes to create awareness amongst parents with “Make Safe Happen” campaign and aims to prevent children from accidents and the parents from trauma.

Why Choose Bike Helmet Safety

Nearly 50 Children

Visit Emergency Departments Every Hour Due to Injuries on Bikes, Scooters, Skates and Skateboards.

The “MISSION” Statement

Truly built with the user and the mission in mind. We here at The Sunflower Lab are honoured to be a part of this initiative and are huge supporters of this important mission—keep our children safe.

To learn more about this initiative: Makesafehappen

Obejectives of
Bike Helmet Safety App

The benefits of the Make Safe Happen app is in generating awareness among parents, preventing avoidable accidents, and helping them create a safer environment. The success metrics for this case study include:

Reduction in preventable

Just by wearing a helmet properly children can be 88% safer from severe head injuries.

Improve child

This is the mission and user that the Make Safe APP keeps in mind.

Improved parental knowledge

Make Safe Happen has been able to highlight minor lapses that endanger children.

The Make Safe Happen® App

The “Make Safe Happen” app is the cornerstone of Nationwide
Insurance’s safety awareness campaign.

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