De-stressing Healthcare Practitioners with a Mindful Digital Solution

Penn Medicine needed a digital solution that would bring mental health solutions to its healthcare providers. Medical professionals undergo constant stress but do not have the leisure to de-stress. Thus, Sunflower Lab created a mobile application with mindfulness lessons that could be accessed on the go as a means of taking care of the mental health of those who ensure our health


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Taking Care of the Mental Health of Busy Medical Professionals

Mindfulness is a requirement in the stressful life of medical professionals, however, taking time out is often a constraint towards the same. However, with a mobile application that has a short chapter-wise approach, it would be an easier & more accessible task. The application features mindfulness lessons in video format
that are in sequence with short surveys at the end of each lesson. Hence, it is easier for the user to keep track of and engage with the process.

Interactive & Enagaging Mindfulness Lessons at Your Fingertips

Since healthcare professionals do not have the time to practice mindfulness themselves, the application provides them with a structured mindfulness program complete with a lesson plan & pre-created survey of individual evaluation. Engaging video lessons in a chapter-wise format make it easier for users to track their progress and since they can scroll through videos, they have the flexibility to choose the lesson of their choice.

Balancing Between a User-Friendly & Functional Design

A simple yet attractive user interface makes the user’s navigational journey less challenging. The application features all the chapters in an easy scroll through format so the user simply has to click on the mindfulness lesson video that they want to watch too. Each video lesson has a title provided so that the user can get a gist of what the lesson is about prior to clicking on it. With different images for each video, it is easier for the user to demarcate the difference when scrolling.

User-Friendly Design for an Intuitive Application Experience

The Penn medicine mindfulness lesson app has a user-friendly design because the end-user, the medical professionals, do not have time to learn a new application. Instead with the application’s intuitive design, they are able to easily access the mindfulness videos by scrolling. For the surveys and comments the users only have to click on the applicable button. The interface has been kept simple yet appealing as the purpose of the app is to save time while providing functionality.

Engaging the User with Interactive Features

Users are allowed to play an interactive role in the application apart from merely attending the mindfulness lesson. They can comment on the lesson, view other user’s comments while also participating in surveys. Thus, the user has a chance to think & act on what was seen during the lesson instead of a more static approach where a user merely watches a video. Users also can view the collective result of the surveys they have given & connect with community answers.

Interactive Features that Keep Users Coming Back for More!

Users are provided with interactive features like surveys for self-introspection & the ability to comment in response to questions. This makes the lesson plan more dynamic as the user needs to engage with & understand the content. Instead of merely watching a mindfulness video and moving to the next, the user must take a pause & self-introspect towards a suitable response. This creates a value addition to the user which is not time-consuming at the same time.

Mindfulness Survey’s for Introspection & Interaction

Through surveys the user can be engaged and made to perform a task removing them from the passive role of merely watching the mindfulness lesson videos. The surveys provide users a chance of introspection and self-evaluation while providing Penn Medicine with feedback on the mental health status of their staff. Through the surveys Penn Medicine can also know how much stress is attributed to time pressure and adjust organizational roles accordingly.

peen medicine Survey

I would like to commend the team at Sunflower Lab for their excellent work on this app. The app is well-designed, easy to use, and provides a wealth of valuable information. We were very impressed with your team’s professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail. We were particularly impressed with the way you were able to take our initial ideas and turn them into a beautiful and functional app.

Alix Tercius

Director of Innovation at Penn Medicine

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