Mobile Platform To Find Shared Rides In The City

Transportation / Mobility Service Provider

SHARE solves local transportation challenges by offering safe, reliable and affordable ride sharing options to local communities.

Finding safe and affordable rides in your city

Most Americans still prefer driving to their offices for work. Besides getting stuck in traffic jams, what bothers American drivers the most is the amount they have to pay for parking their vehicles – it can be huge. As per a study conducted by INRIX, Americans “waste” approximately $72.7 billion a year looking for parking space. It’s difficult to find free car parking spaces not just in large cities, but in smaller ones too.
Share found the opportunity to resolve domestic transportation issues by offering safe and reliable shared ride options at highly affordable rates to government employees and employers in the city. People choosing to book rides on Share can enjoy many benefits – they can search for and schedule rides in advance at a fraction of the cost compared to using their own vehicles.

Book your ride on SHARE to save on your transportation costs - Enjoy huge savings annually!

Choose your rides

Share offers many ride options and you can choose all of your rides from the list. Search for how many days, and at what times, you desire to avail the rides by filtering the list to check for availability. You can select your ride for a single day or schedule them for many days – even weeks. It is also possible to book your rides for the entire month.

Rides booked by you

The “Upcoming Rides” option lets you view the rides you’ve already scheduled in advance – Rides which are made available to you. It’s a kind of “booking” list that helps you keep track of all your future rides. Rides which you’ll be availing today and the next couple of days shall appear at the top of list followed by rides for other days. The list is sorted date wise with the current ride date coming first.

History of your past rides

It is a list of rides already taken by you. For example, the ride that you’ll be availing today evening when you leave for the day shall appear in the “History” list tomorrow. Use the list to keep notes of your past rides.