Improving Accessibility & Patient Outcomes by a HIPAA Compliant SaaS Telemedicine App

Tercardia’s SmartDoc is a SaaS Telemedicine App that allows patients easy access to physicians 24/7 through its on-call features. Sunflower Lab delivered its web application for the use of the physician from which scheduled appointments could be viewed along with patient history, case details, EHR-related details, etc.

E-prescriptions and orders for tests also could be generated. For the patient, the mobile app version allows for scheduling of appointments as per their convenience with the option to have consultation on-call or through video.


– Mobile App

– Web App


– Twilio


– NewCrop


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– Android Native

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– Angular

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A Smarter Approach to Tercardia Healthcare Management

A Smarter Approach to Healthcare Management

Physicians have to spend time not only on consultations but also on the management of the same. Through a telehealth platform, the time spent in administrative tasks like appointment scheduling or EHR updating are all taken care of through an automated process.

The physician does not need to create an appointment list as simply by logging into the web application all the appointments of the day can be seen. Also, if the doctor would like to look up a patient’s medical history or re-check their treatment plans the same can easily be viewed.

Due to the e-prescription process, a physical prescription need not be jotted down and updated manually to the treatment plan as this aspect too is taken care of simultaneously. Thus, the physician can focus on what matters i.e., productive consultations.

A Smarter Approach to Tercardia Healthcare Management

Enabling 24/7 Physician Access

With the Tercardia SmartDoc App, a patient has the assurance of physician connectivity 24/7. Instead of having to physically go down to their doctor’s office, patients can opt for video or phone visits instead. Doctors on the other hand, the other hand have easy access to treatment records & plans for more informed decisions leading to better patient outcomes!

Ease for Doctors
Accessibility for Patients

A Smarter Approach to Tercardia Healthcare Management

Difficulty in Scheduling Appointments or Finding Time to Visit the Physician?

With the on-call feature patients get the benefits of virtual consultations at the time slot they schedule. Instead of the hassle of calling the physician’s office to schedule an appointment patients can do so through the mobile application. Also, for patients with a busy schedule or mobility issues, the video or phone visits option will provide them with the flexibility that they require.

How to Visit Your Physician at the Time of Your Choice?

Through appointment scheduling the patient can choose the day and time slot of convenience simply through a few clicks on their phone. This eliminates the need to ring the physician’s office up and to have a staff member jot down the details. Also, doctors using the SmartDoc app, they simply can go through the appointments scheduled through the web application and so do not require a separate calendar or diary for the same. Furthermore, patients can choose to scheduled video consultations as well, which is perfect for those who are facing a crunch on time or have issues with mobility.

Getting Over theHassel of Pen & Paper Prescriptions

E-prescriptions make it easier for the doctor to keep track of what treatment plan the patient is on and is convenient for the patient as well. Integrating e-prescriptions is tricky as a third-party tool needs to be integrated. Our experts had to receive the all-clear from a HIPAA GAP interview as well. However, to truly automate the telemedicine process the same is required.

EHR Intergration for More Informed Treatment Decisions

Through the integration of EHR, it becomes easier for doctors to have patient information accessible for informed decisions. The medical history, reports done, tests results, information on treatment plans and medication would all be available to the doctor for instant review. Thus, though the patient is being treated remotely through video call, the doctor would have the case details up-to-date and thus, can take an informed decision. This helps in increasing the efficiency of the overall experience and impacts the patient outcome as well.

Multilingual Support for a Better Patient Healthcare Experience

The goal of telemedicine is to make the process as easy as possible for the patient while at the same time benefiting the doctor, through a paperless approach. While the Tercardia SmartDoc application is intuitive in design, extra features like multilingual support in French and Spanish too have been added so that it can serve a wider audience. After all, healthcare and telemedicine are for all.

As a founder, I understand the importance of having a strong team that I can rely on to bring my vision to life. I was impressed with their level of professionalism and expertise right from the start. They didn’t just act as a vendor; rather, they worked as true partners, collaborating seamlessly with my team to make sure that the product exceeded our expectations. Sunflower Lab to anyone who is looking to build a digital product with a team of experts who will work tirelessly to bring your vision to life.

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