A Contextual Inception

The use of Artificial Intelligence for our day-to-day guidance and advice is very common. Most of them are pre-determined responses which are embedded in them with programming and are predictable in nature after some time. For instance, if there is fire in an office and you need immediate instructions on how to get out safely, the conventional AI will lead you using the language which is general and abundant, they would not give out wrong information, but in this case they are not capable of knowing the exact architecture of the building structure, doorways, elevator placements, etc. Of that specific business park. This is where the contextual ability of developing AI is essential, it will provide context-specific outputs based on many analytical information thus a much more coherent set of instructions during the abovesaid emergency.

Humans always yearn for better understanding abilities from other fellow beings, now it is not restricted to people but also towards machines, as there is more and more technological involvement in our life, the efficiency and reliability will be constantly tested.

Foundation of AI Upgradation

AI is continuously learning, as it goes on to more rigorous testing of itself with many complicated situations and conversations, it will be adapting to an organic upgradation of itself. Learning context is a vital part of AI, without it we cannot achieve the dream of obtaining a human-like conversation with AI. As the term suggests, AI is supposed to pick up on the context clues during the conversation with the user and mine as much data possible for developing and structuring itself for that specific user or a set of similar users. Additionally in the context of AI, these contexts are JSON objects which the application is programmed to store for future use towards same user.

definition of json

These contexts can be derived from anywhere the internet can reach, primarily based on the previous conversations and actions in the application, they can also be taken from the social media, e-mails, search history and even e-commerce wish lists, basically anything which the AI has permission to access. This gives them a precise knowledge of what the knowledge limitations of the user are, thus it can transform itself to a better bot by learning contexts.

Conversational AI is designed to match the humanistic design of having an intimate and understanding chat that is not limited to technical purposes, reading the emotional state and giving out necessarily modified results to make the user more reliable on these bots is the key in development.

Forging a Stronger Enterprise

Business enterprises have taken a lead in initiating the AI enabled tools to make their functioning more efficient with time, with less manpower and cost saving features provided by AI, it was an obvious decision by all the new and existing businesses to integrate their companies with these conversational AI platform providers. We must look upon how these personalized responses improve the relevancy of learning context and getting the user accurate information, it has been proven that these features show reasonable improvement in sales for majority of businesses.


The response systems and suggestions made by the contextual AI tools are well designed to give proper reasoning for their personalized responses. They are transparent with information they give to the user which makes everyone trust these intelligible conversations more.


These programs are designed to understand the conditions which customers are in, with the available data they are continuously tested in different environments and situations. Fortunately, they are immune to these changes and produce precise results that adapt to the needs of customers. For example, the same product can be used for multiple things and if the customer’s data is analyzed to predict the use, these tools can be used to recommend better options or even suggest complimentary products that would be helpful for the buyer.


Tools like Alexa and other high context conversations are now available for business needs, and they thrive on the element of customizations which is necessary for the adaptation process. The manner in which they are structured accordingly to the needs of the user makes this much more intuitive than the traditional rule-based AI.

Fact on Alexa

The intelligence of these chats is not restricted to these conversations, they must know their own capability limits. For example, a good contextual AI is aware of the unanswered questions which it is not able to address and thus from the next time, it can easily redirect these types of difficult conversations to real customer service person. Further, it can establish its own reach and inform the user about it.

Knowing the human behavior and then tailoring the future conversations is the agenda. Suppose that a number of customers order a wireless mouse with their primary product laptop. Thus, learning context like this, AI responses can suggest same while assisting the future online shoppers, as they supposedly show a predictable pattern.

Extending the Range of Conversational AI

We as a software development company are on the road to infuse AI into our services. The chatbots are rising in number and the usage will increase too as it is getting more advanced.

  • The Food Industry is using the contextual AI for their ordering services actively. Interestingly, these companies allow the customers to order through messaging applications making it easier to access. What it allows is the accumulation of order history and basic culinary preferences that can be reused in the conversation again. Leading companies to use this feature are Domino’s and Taco Bell (owning their own chat application called Taco Bot).
  • Healthcare industries are another sector where these personalized chats will be useful. Having the advanced feature to analyze the emotional state of the user, they provide essential steps to feel better and additionally, access to the medical history and conversational data will make the responses more relevant..
  • Travel industry is rising as the post-pandemic travel plans of people is getting dense, to manage this rush and provide precise output simultaneously, most brands have either collaborated their service on a messenger app or have established a self-owned chat service, these AI-powered tools with capabilities of learning context as the conversation moves forward makes the user spend less time to plan their trips and accommodations.
  • Smart homes are now a reality with Artificial Intelligence. High context communication is the primary thing which goes through the tools of house automations. With the contextual data it contains, it could recognize who is speaking and which appliance they are aiming at for the command. This is just a milestone for smart homes, many brands like Philips are constantly working towards this. We are gratified to be in collaboration with them.

Briefing the personalized AI creation

steps for context ai making

An Intuitive Conclusion

If you are looking for an economical and ease of access option for certain functions in your enterprise, contextual AI chat is a great option going forward. Many existing companies are changing their customer services to chatbots, who pick on context clues and initiate high context communications. Interestingly, these technologies are even used for high-end business data analysis too, with abundant data present in the cloud, they are provided with sufficient data to communicate with the customers better and make suggestions leading to more revenue.

Companies are leaving the reluctance behind to transform their business using these conversational AI tools. From making the customers understand the basic instructions based on their purchase history to analyzing customer data to target them with relevant and personalized messages cum recommendations, they are excellent addition to your organization. We, in Sunflower Lab, are always adept with the latest innovations revolving around the globe regarding Artificial Intelligence, our services are all about cutting-edge technology assistances. You can always reach out to us if your business needs prime and optimal software development. The preeminent and customized solutions by our experts are guaranteed to upgrade your enterprise.