How much will it cost to create mobile apps in Ohio? There is more than one way to create business mobile apps, and the method depends on the budget. Don’t think that just because your application can be downloaded free from the app store so you can build an app for the price of a cell phone. As per reports, the cost of mobile app development in Ohio range from $100,000 to $500,000.

  • A survey conducted by VDC found that the average cost of mobile apps is $140,000 (each app)
  • A clutch survey report suggests that the median price for app development is $171,450 (each app)
  • A survey by kingly found that the average price of app development is $270, 000 (each app)
  • Reports by multiple small scale companies suggest a cost of development between $267K and $360K
  • EMM survey concluded that 75% of businesses have over $250K average budget for mobile solutions, and 25% has over $1.2 million average budget.

We have seen in recent past that technology keeps changing and the cost of creating a product has also changed. New technology brings its own infrastructure and business has to hire people who can work on the latest tech, it increases the total cost. If you are thinking why you need the latest tech? Just as traditional commerce, if you want customers to spend money on your business, your mobile app should be better and latest than your competition.

1. What are the factors affecting the cost of mobile apps in Ohio?

Apps can vary in shapes, sizes, functionalities, designs, and more. Every single thing affects the total cost of a mobile app. There are some primary factors that have a huge impact on cost, they are:

  1. Platform
  2. Functionality and features
  3. Visual design
  4. Back end infrastructure

Let’s discuss these four factors in detail.

1.1 Platform: Apple or Android?

Credit: Buildfire

Once you have decided what your application will do and what will be targeted audience, your next big headache is to decide which platform you are going to target. You can choose either android or apple, and depend on the platform you choose, the cost may vary accordingly.

IOS apps are much cheaper and quicker to build. As per top developers in Ohio, Android apps require twice the time it takes to build IOS. Apple also has vast user engagement, which is why many businesses make IOS apps initially and then move to Android.

It will be a good decision if you decide your platform based on the targeted market. The cost for making either IOS or Android is a lot closer than they were in the past. Android is just a little expensive because it takes a longer time. In case if you decide to launch on both platforms simultaneously, your cost will be doubled but since some of the things will be the same so you may save some money.

1.2 Functionality and features                                                         

You may still be asking how much it costs to create mobile apps in Ohio. To fully understand the answer to this question we have to find out about features and functionality. It depends on the complexity of features, screens, fields, the amount of logic required, buttons, and more.

Some applications don’t require complex features so developers don’t need to start from scratch. Simple solutions have standard instruments and native features. Some of the features that affect cost are mentioned below:

  • Social involvement: This feature requires authorization, notification, networking, and many other basic things. User authorization can be simple and complex. It can be more or less work for the developer so cost varies accordingly.
  • Purchase support and location: Payment methods such as Google Wallet, PayPal, and Credit cards are some of the widespread methods of payment. Every payment method requires time and skills, so they cost more.
  • Native features: There are many native features, payment systems, and innovations. There could be any number of native features, you can discuss this with developers and cost may vary.

1.3 Customizing the Design

Creating a design unique to your business is not easy, it can increase the total cost of your application. Experts suggest using a design based on the operating system and mobiles. Targeting screens of standard phones can be your priority because the screen is a major factor that plays a part in the success of your app.

1.4 Back end process and infrastructure

Application backend is like an operating system that provides data and control. This helps you track user activity, performance, and do an analysis to get most out of your product. Why is this important in total cost? Because depending on the parameters you want to install, the cost can vary.

The admin panel is a useful tool to help you manage the app users, content, and statistics. You can tell developers in Ohio to adjust your admin panel as per your business. Finding a right admin panel is always difficult so you need to hire right people who know what your business is missing.

2. Surveys on the cost of mobile apps in Ohio

To make a successful app you need a strong foundation, excellent planning, modern ecosystem, and super talented engineers and designers. All of these things are not to be missed otherwise you might risk the ROI and value of your final product. Few surveys were conducted to find the cost of mobile apps in Ohio.

2.1 Research report by Outsystem in 2017

A research takes a word from 3,200 professionals on the app development in 2017. As per research, 62% of professionals reported that there were large app development backlogs, and about 37% were facing difficulties in finding right mobile app developers. Half of the professionals were not satisfied with the development time. Over 80% apps took up to three months to develop and 40% took more than 6 months. These things affect the cost of apps largely, the more time it takes the more money you pay.

2.2 A research survey by VDC

In 2017, VDC conducted a survey on application developers. An average organization needs about six months to complete an application, and the cost of the average app is $140,000. According to VDC, about 36% of businesses weren’t satisfied with their app.


2.3 agency report

Clutch conducted a survey on 12 most prominent mobile application development companies and asked a number of questions about their activities and total cost. The median cost they calculated was $171, 450, a high range was between $30k and $700K. This report was conducted keeping followings in consideration.

  • Data storage
  • Third party integration
  • Basic control
  • Scalability
  • Enterprise data access
  • Data encryption

3. Continuing cost of mobile apps

Mobile apps don’t come with a one-time cost. Creating an application is just the tip of an iceberg, it is just the first step of your long journey.

AnyPresence survey
Credit: AnyPresence survey


  • Three times the development cost: According to a survey by Forrester, the average amount spent on apps is between $50,000 and $150,000 (yearly). This could be just the initial cost and it may depend on what you want to do.
  • Thousand dollars per month: Commentum Company estimated that average maintenance cost range from $5K to $11k per month. The estimated cost for a small project is $3k, and large projects could take up to $25K.                                    
  • Many Updates a Year: As per a survey by Anypresence, on average 80% organizations update their apps twice a year, and nearly 20% update their apps once a month. More updates mean more money you need to spend.

4. Conclusion

In reality, the question “what is the cost of mobile apps for in Ohio” is not easy to answer. There is a range of things involved such as how much money and time you have. The easy option for any business in Ohio would be to hire a company like Sunflower Lab for mobile app development.

Finally, let’s discuss some of the things that are mentioned above. After reading the article you must have an idea about the cost of mobile apps for business in Ohio. Hiring a company to build your application can cost you between $5k and $60k. The range may seem big to some people but keep in consideration that the cost depends on the complexity of the app.

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