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Custom software is a lucrative business not only for developers, but also for organizations investing in the technology. Development companies are cropping up all over the map trying to make the big bucks in the industry. And companies far and wide are making the plunge into custom software to grow their business. But simply entering into the custom software field isn’t enough to turn a profit. Whether you’re a development company or looking to build custom software for your company, this article will help you do it the right way. Here are the steps you must follow to create a successful custom software development project:

  • Start with a strong discovery process
  • Make it beautiful and usable
  • Build a prototype
  • Launch and improve

Start with a strong discovery process

We know how exciting it can be when a great idea dawns on you, but designing and developing right away would be a mistake! Your idea might be great, but starting with the problem you aim to solve is the best jumping-off point. Be sure to evaluate the problem from all angles. Having a clear understanding of the problem will help you build a truly helpful development. A discovery process is key to a great custom software development process. Check out these 6 questions you must ask yourself during the discovery process.

Make your custom software usable…then beautiful

Usability is key. We’ll admit, WhatsApp wasn’t, and still isn’t, beautiful. But you know what? It does the job of helping users communicate faster. Pictures send faster, and it’s easy to forward information from an existing chat. WhatsApp usability works globally too, which is a big feat. This means users in Africa have the same interface as users in South America, and they all know how to use it without any issues. 

Once you’ve got a user-friendly custom software development, beautify it! While people will come for custom software’s usability, they’ll stay because it looks good. Apps like Instagram are continuously rebranding and redesigning to improve their aesthetic. Take pride in your work and don’t be afraid to spice things up! Look good, feel good, do good, right? For a more in-depth guide on how to design an app, click here and here

Build a prototype before the custom software team starts building your app

This is a step that many don’t do, and it ends up killing them in the end. Get a usable prototype of the custom software in your hands as soon as possible! Did you know you can get a prototype without even writing code? Yup! Getting the client a working prototype has made a huge difference in how the app performs in the market and influences what features are being built. Clients then use the prototype to show their investors and potential customers. The prototype then influences what features are being built and what features should be re-considered. Anytime you can get feedback before any code is written, the better off you will be. For more benefits of prototypes.

Launch! (and improve)

Launching a product is the easy part. Getting people to use it is much harder. The mentality you must have is that “the app is never done.” It needs refinements as more people use the product. Gather feedback as soon as possible, and make seamless updates to the solution.


Moving Towards the Millions with Custom Software

Revenue from custom software is never guaranteed. What you must understand is that you won’t become a millionaire overnight! If you are a custom software development company, you must first establish yourself as a trusted and experienced player in the field. If you are looking to roll out custom software for your company, it is important to choose the right development team. Sunflower Lab is leading the way in custom software development with both outstanding skills and a trusted reputation. We have been of service to numerous satisfied clients over the years, including businesses in the retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and real estate industries. With a rigorous training program for our personnel, as well as a history of high-quality service, Sunflower Lab can guarantee the end product while delivering constant communication and updates throughout the app development process.

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