What Makes Sunflower Lab Different From Every Other Mobile Application Development Company in New Jersey?

There are many mobile app development companies in New Jersey. In fact, the entire state is a bustling hub for information technology, thanks to the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Business owners and entrepreneurs in and around the Garden State who are looking to take their company or idea to the next level certainly have their work cut out for them when it comes to finding the right mobile app development company in New Jersey. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of identifying factors you’ll want to look for on your hunt for your technology partner.


Mobile applications have to be beautiful, that is a given. But, beauty is more than interface deep. To truly make an impact on the market, well-designed mobile apps have to be built with the user in mind. In other words, there has to be an emphasis on the user experience. Being UX-focused allows us to turn code into a genuine human experience.

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High-End Engineering

Code is the very essence of every custom software development. But you’d be surprised at the integrity of it coming out of some IT companies. What you need is good, clean code that you own the rights to. This secure, robust data will keep your mobile app working seamlessly over a long period of time. According to CodeGrip, here are some qualities of strong code: 

  • Good readability
  • Easy to edit
  • Sustainable
  • Easily transferred
  • Decreased technical debt

Long-Term Partnership Goals

If you think you’re only going to need a mobile app development company to design, develop, and deploy your product, you have to think bigger. Who will scale your app when your business grows? What about when bugs arise, who will fix them? What you need is a long-term tech partner. Look for a mobile app development company in New Jersey who can commit to communication, support, and service even after your product is deployed.

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Not all mobile applications are created equal. You’ll want to take a deep dive into the mobile app development services offered by the company you’re researching. Here are a few things every good mobile application development company in New Jersey should include in their mobile products:

Phone & Messaging

One-touch dialing within the app, push notifications & sounds, text and in-app messaging.

Audio/Video Calling

Twilio Integration connects your app with the global communication network through APIs.


Touchscreen signature capture and storage for approvals and confirmations.

In-App Purchasing

Selling direct to consumers from within the app, Apple and/or Google Payment processing.

GPS Navigation

Mapping integration, routing based on current location and system addresses, and real-time location tracking.

Barcode/QR Scanning

Built-in scanning and processing capabilities using the device’s camera.

Payment Processing

Stripe and PayPal connections allow payments to be completed in app.

Local Storage

Keep your mobile app data safe with local storage.

Finding a Mobile App Development Company in New Jersey

Armed with all of these tips and tricks to find the right mobile app development company in New Jersey, it’s time to start your search! Clutch and GoodFirms are two great places to begin your journey, as both of these third-party listing sites are committed to vetting only the most qualified app development companies. We wish you the very best of luck on your hunt for your tech partner. Here’s to a brighter future!

About Sunflower Lab

Started on Sunflower Road in New Jersey in 2010, technologists and friends Ronak Patel and Yash Patel saw an opportunity to create products that help companies transform how they do business. So, with a single Macbook and a shared dream, they landed their first client: Forbes Magazine’s first iPad application called Forbes Top 100. Today, Sunflower Lab is the best android app development company and ios app development company with 75+ engineers and technologists across the globe who share our vision of building technology today for our clients’ better tomorrows.

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