With everyone hunkered down in their homes, the U.S. home improvement industry is stronger than it has been in over ten years. People are turning to every nook and cranny of their dwellings dreaming of the “after” version of their home. In turn, contractors and handymen are busier than ever keeping up with demand! In light of the recent trend, the talented designers at Sunflower Lab challenged themselves to craft a mobile app development interface for the cause. So, if you know your way around a tool belt, or you’re looking into home improvements, we hope this inspires you to pick up your phone and get things done!

Sunflower Lab Home Remodel Mobile App Development

Sunflower Lab saw a gap in the market for a mobile app development solution that makes it easy to search, find, and book qualified contractors from the comfort of their own home. There are applications out there aiming to do this very thing, but we thought we could beautify it!

Great Idea Right? Build your Custom Software As Well!

What Can the Mobile App Development Do?

For this design challenge, the designers sought to create a solution that made it easy to connect home owners with builders and contractors. Users can access certain mobile app development features to browse categories like bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom to find a remodeler suited for the job. They can even filter by reviews and star ratings! Contractor portfolios are also viewable so users can find someone that fits their taste. User profiles allow access to scheduled and past appointments to keep track of projects, too. The mobile app development’s sleek design pulls all the features together in one easy-to-use interface.

Here are some more features the Sunflower Lab application offers:


  • User can search directly by category or consultant/designers
  • Different category listing like hall, bedroom, kitchen, door, interior, Bathroom, Dinning room
  • Bottom Navigation Bar: Home, Profile, History, Likes


  • Based on selected category listing (Consultant/Designers) will display
  • Filter by price, review/star ratings

Consultant/Designers Details

  • In this mobile app development, user can see contractor’s detailed work and photographs, reviews, and ratings
  • Book Appointment button


  • Based on Consultant/Designers time slots will available and choose one of them
  • All Summary will come based on the pervious selection (Name, address, type, tags, attachment, reference)


  • User can see his past appointments and ongoing also with status confirm and cancel

What Can a Mobile App Development for Home Remodeling do for you?

Handy with a hammer? This is your sign to get your business to the next level. Team up with Sunflower Lab to create a beautiful, user-friendly app that gets you noticed more, lands you more jobs, and makes you more money. We are a mobile app development company based in Columbus, Ohio and Somerset, New Jersey that develops software for a better tomorrow. Our highly-skilled team of designers and developers bring experience and integrity to every project. We can guarantee a top-notch end product while delivering constant updates throughout the app development process. The only question is…what can mobile app development do for you? 

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