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Mobile App Engagement Model – Discovery and Design

At Sunflower Lab, we build award-winning mobile apps for fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs around the world. From concept to deployment, Sunflower Lab is here to guide you every step of the way. We believe every successful project starts with a deep understanding of the problem we are solving. That is why we break our development process up into focused steps beginning with Discovery & Design.​ 

Discovery & Planning Phase

During the discovery phase, the Sunflower Lab team works with clients to lay out the roadmap for the entire project. We identify features that don’t need to be built which save cost and time. We identify risks and consult with clients on a mitigation strategy. Our solution architecture defines the right technology, and we work to define clear expectations for team members. And most importantly, we gain a strong understanding of the client’s vision of success.

We’ve developed this initial learning process in order to avoid common pitfalls of failed projects, like miscommunicated project scope, rushed development, risk encounters, and incorrect prioritization of product features. Bypassing these pitfalls allows us to deliver 3 main objectives during the discovery & planning phase:

  • Product roadmap
  • Technical architectures
  • Cost and time estimate

Design Phase

The next step of the development process is Design. We build high fidelity designs so we can envision a solution before we build it. During the design stage, we aim to deliver three main objectives:

  • Create a corporate identity and brand value through visual presentation
  • Build a tailored user experience and user interface design
  • Develop a graphical representation of the solution

At the end of the design stage, you’re presented with a beautiful, clickable prototype that allows a thorough verification on all the detailed aspects including UI components, colors, layouts, navigation, and other interactions.

A solid foundation is the only way to guarantee success. We work closely with clients during the initial phases of development to ensure the end product is something everyone can be proud of. 

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