Android Oreo (8.0) was launch by Google this week at an event in New York. This launch was followed by months of initial releases from the tech giant. Android Oreo is an improved version of its predecessors to match smartphones and tablets.

android oreo

Image Credit: Cnet

One of the major attraction in Oreo is stopping drainage of battery, it will enable users to get more from each charge.

The major software integration includes notification dots, quick auto-fill, picture in picture video, and securely add passwords in web forums.

As per reports, Google has done some major changes that will be the backbone of more operating systems in the future. Pixel and Nexus are among the first contenders to use this operating system on their smartphones, but many other companies like HTC have also confirmed that their new phones will have Android Oreo.

Ahead of the official launch the week, Google already confirmed big features that Android Oreo will have.


  • Picture in picture helps you text, read emails, and browse web pages while watching videos on YouTube
  • Android instant give you app access without downloading them
  • You can press notification-dot to find what’s new, and swipe it easily
  • Given permission, auto fill keeps a record of logins to quickly get into your apps


  • Security is advance with “Google play protect”, and a device’s security status is also built into front settings and center.
  • “Google play Protect” removes bad apps by detecting them – it scans 50 billion apps on a billion devices per day.
  • Features such as find my device makes it easy to locate, wipe, or lock your smart device
  • There are new app installation controls, more privacy, and improve security against harmful applications
  • “Google play protect” is capable of running on all android devices with 4.2 version or above
  • Android Oreo gives you quicker response when performing your favorite tasks. It has faster boot speed, double speed on Pixel.
  • To save battery, it limits background activity of apps. Android Oreo gives you more time on current tasks by making memory available to you. Whether you are listening to music, talking, or streaming, you will have more battery life.
  • Share it with friends, the new emoji. There are 60 new emoji for you to express more.

Google Pixel XL and Pixel will be the first to upgrade to Android Oreo. According to Google, they will make it Android open source project (AOSP) so that people can access it freely. Nexus and Pixel are already in the testing phase and they will soon be launching it with their products. Smart devices having Android beta version will also get the final version.

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