Recently Sunflower Lab spoke with Share A.V.E, a startup working with SmartCity Columbus to provide new ride sharing solutions for the city of the future. Sunflower Lab is Share’s technology partner, and together we are developing a new ride-sharing service to assist commuters seeking better methods of transportation.

An Innovative Model of Ride Sharing

Share aims at providing affordable transportation for commuters seeking to make productive use of their travel time. Existing ride-sharing services pair drivers and riders one on one. Share employs a fleet of Ford Transit 350 Vans and mid-sized sedans to pair coworkers as riders. The fleets can hold up to 14 passengers per vehicle, making Share ideal for those employers outside the bus-line who need new commuting options for their employees. The fleets are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing the passengers to work during their commute or keep themselves entertained after the workday.

Ride Sharing

Share wants to expand their model to include innovative transportation measures for seniors and students as well. By conducting transportation studies on the existing problems these groups face with conventional transportation, Share creates a solution that cuts time and cost.

The Future of Smart City Technology

Through machine learning, Share’s platform works with smart cities to find the best routes for transportation. Share believes that ride-sharing is the next step toward autonomous vehicle transportation. By creating a ride-sharing network, Share aims at putting Columbus at the forefront of autonomous vehicle technology.

share Smart City

Sunflower Lab is Share’s technology partner in developing the app for riders and drivers. We are creating an app using existing models of ride-sharing technology but aimed at commuters, seniors, and students.

To learn more about the SmartCity grant Columbus was issued from the Department of Transportation and backed by private investors.

Learn more about Sunflower Lab and Share’s mission on the Share website.